AAA Delivery: #Amka – Static Supreme [Kenya]

It’s been a hot minute since I last listened to some deep poetic shit bruh! My Tanzanian affiliation doesn’t condone a man staying this long without soulful nourishment. Poetic justice, so to say. Back in Tanga, we appreciate watching the sunset over Mt. Kilimanjaro as we listen to great poetry – Shairi we call it. I miss that life already man, I will soon run away from this Nairobi captivity. When nostalgia sets in, you try your best to find something that loosely relates to what you miss, so I went hunting, for swahili poetry. 

Did I ever remind you how wide art really is? Well, I just did hehee. Art has a wider perspective, it houses so many different kinds. To put it in a better language, art exists in different forms, poetry being one of the major unit. Not many can withstand the deepness of poems and as such, it is mostly left for uhm…. the more intellectual members of the society, like me 🙂 I hope that didn’t hurt, like Royce would say, I’m just keeping it 100. 

One of my favorite acts from Kenya is no doubt Static Supreme. That is one of the few artistes I do look forward to his projects. Why? Because you never know what Jay has up his sleeves, and who is in damn world hates surprises? Not Holly. 

So today I hit my G+ page and after scrolling through a couple of threads, I bump on the brother’s updates. First post is a feature project with Zamzi, Back To the Classics. Hello, who said Hip Hop is dead again? Nas has to take that back. I love this new revolution happening to hip hop right now. Guys just turned their back on trap crap and started doing Hip Hop as we grew up knowing it, classic. Anyway, that’s not what’s on my cup today. We are a sleep, and Static has rightfully risen to the occasion to wake us up! Amka

A short swahili piece, this poem relates so well to all that is currently happening on our society. Coming right at a time when we are just a few days into a new year, this is the best wake up call to all the youths of our motherland to stand up and do something with their lives. Amka is a piece off his mixtape, Safari za Sufferer, you better look out for that. And in our nature, we don’t talk much about poetry, we let it do that itself. Trust a shairi to always deliver the message. Africa, Amka!

Facebook: Static Supreme

Twitter: @static_supreme


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