All Around Africa : Chambiecco [Malawi]

Today we were supposed to post an interview with Home Grown Africa, yes we love them like that! But due to some hitches here and there, we are not able to. Look out for it in the coming weeks. To compensate for that, we have decided to go back to Malawi for this space was meant for the warm heart of the motherland. I’m listening to a song, Swagg Ya Ubunthu, by a group called Fresh Fam, I guess? I love that Q-Fez kid, and Revolver’s voice is somewhere in there if I’m not wrong. Looks like we are getting much much familiar with Malawian artistes, props to them for that. 

You see, this platform if for y’all African artistes, from all over the continent. We try as much as possible to cover every nation, but it can be way easier if you constantly supply us with contents too; videos, mixtapes, albums. Name it. So far, Malawian artistes are the only ones making an effort. Challenge to the rest of Africa. If you don’t push and bother us, we will just sit back, relax, drink Konyagi, Kuche Kuche or Chibuku and work at our own pace 🙂

But before then, King Chambiecco hit us up with a link to his new visuals so this already shook Chibuku gotta chill in the fridge till evening. 

Who is Chambiecco and more so just how great is he to warrant one to forgo an already shaken Chibuku? You might ask, good for you! Because everyone deserves to know about Chambiecco, the King. For starters, I see Prime Time media stamp on his video, that means he is on the same camp with Gwamba, another King. Safe to say Prime Time is only for Kings? Unlike Gwamba though, Chambiecco is a dancehall act. Ooh I love me some dancehall music, especially from Africa! His first jam, at least the one we think is the first, was Password. If you are any close to the digital world, then you know just how important a password is. It can either open or lock a lee way. In Chambiecco’s case, I’d like to imagine it opened a door, to greatness. 

So once upon a time, in the great land of Kasungu, North west of the capital Lilongwe, in the Central part of Malawi, there lived a King. Like David in the bible, this King loved music. He was so good that word about his prowess quickly spread to the nearby areas, catching the attention of one Mr. Kankhomba of Prime Time Media who got interested in exploring the King’s musical talent. They soon got to meet and talk about how they can refine this magnitude of talent and share with the world. The rest as they say, is history!  Heck, who am I kidding? My storytelling skills are so pathetic, I can actually feel my ancestors yanking and turning in their graves, disapprovingly. 

Chambiecco has great dancehall touch. If I am ever to be banned around women, I’ll gladly marry the beats to his Password single. We can live happily ever after, trust me. The drumworks on that jam is just OMG! His videos are simple and engaging, what with all the dramatisation. I love that. I saw it on Gwamba’s Zimuvuta and it’s a fresh vibe to the video thingy. Getting all these comics and incorporating them in music is awesome man. Malawian artistes are constantly proving points and widening their borders if you ask me. With a talent as immense as Chambiecco, Prime Time are certainly going to entertain us this year.  So Africa, for the first time in AAA, straight out of the heart of our motherland, we welcome King Chambiecco with his second video, Ndizamugogoda.

Enjoy, as much as we did!

Twitter : @king_chambiecco

Facebook : King Chambiecco


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