AAA Delivery: #NewBornEsir – KidWilly [Kenya]


They say death has to come for a legend to be born, I couldn’t agree more. What they forgot to add is that legends reincarnate. I hope my pops will. As i hold on to my hope, we have witnessed the reincarnation of one of the best to ever do it in the Kenyan music industry, Issah Mmari. 

I was a fun, shit everyone is a fun of E-Sir. Other than Wadhees, who would hate on South C’s finest?

And so it happened that a young man was born and bestowed with the gratitude to keep E-Sir’s dream alive. Or so he claims. I want to believe him, as much as I believed when my ex said that I was not the problem, it was her. Away from my undecided exes, Kid Willy is one determined artiste. You don’t just wake up on a rainy or sunny day and claim to be a reincarnate of one of the greatest to ever do it. Not unless you are confident enough. And confidence is what Willy exudes, in large quantity. Uuuuh, how we like confident artistes, ladies, don’t you all love you some confidence in a man? I know my sister does, my wife too. 

After the successful launch of his debut EP, Kid Willy has gone ahead to shoot the video to the album’s title track, New Born E-Sir, paying homage to the greatest lyricist thus far. The video is set in a cemetery. Very appropriate. The camera angles are just what does it for me. Their outfits are so in place. Did I just say their? Yes! Kanana is soooo in there like a fish in the Nile. Rappers, don’t steal my rhymes. I can ghostwrite for you if need be. Anyway, we were talking about Kanana. I love her vocals, I know I’ve said that a million times but y’all forget too soon so yeah, I love Kanana’s vocal prowess. And their on-screen chemistry with Kid Willy makes me jealous. 

Matter of fact, I’m doing my own version of the song, title it New Born Eater and our video with Kanana will be aawwww. Willy will see, just wait. In the meantime, watch Kid Willy’s New Born E-Sir and tell us what you think. 

Twitter: @IllKidwill , @IamKanana


6 thoughts on “AAA Delivery: #NewBornEsir – KidWilly [Kenya]

  1. When this new born legend was born, many thought he will crawl forever but cant blieve he has walked this fast. Since you can walk, run and make more faster coz you can.

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