AAA Delivery: #Paragasha – Anto Neosoul [Kenya]

Is it possible to fall in love over and over again? Hello relationship gurus…. Okay, let’s toss this over to the Twirra experts, you know those who seem to have over 100 years experience in any topic under the sun? Yes, you, I need your intellectual view on this. What is the expert explanation to my situation? The fact that I fall in love over and over, again and again, with art.

Art is beautiful if you ask me. Music is the best lover, if only you find the right one that is. And how do you find the right one? Good question, even though you were lazy or afraid to ask it. Take time to research. It is that simple. Music, is just like a partner, or in my case, a lady. There are so many out there, different shapes and sizes. And currently, shades too. We have our own version of 50 shades of…. tint! So how do you go through 49 shades before finally settling on the one? Take time. Good music is like a maiden lady. Finding good music in Kenya however, is like finding a virgin in the red light district. Tough. I say tough just so to avoid using ‘impossible’ since they re-spelled it to I’m-possible nowadays. When you take time to find that good music, that chaste goddess, trust me you wanna keep her, forever. If you are like Holly, you will cuddle, kiss and even make love to that music. It is that special, that cherished. Prized. And like an adored paramour, you don’t let her leave your side. You keep tabs! That’s what I’ve been doing to Anto Neosoul’s music, keeping tabs.

Like a faithful Juliet, his music has never swindled my trust. It is bae, if I’m allowed to sound like a wannabe Twirra cool kid. Our relationship just went a step further, to the aisle? You might wanna ask. I don’t know about that, if aisles got steps. But we are heading that direction..Blissfully. What I love even more about the new Anto Neosoul jam is the groovy vibe to it. We all love swaying at the wedding, remember? Unless you’re disabled (in which case it is sad), you can’t have a wonderful union without dancing! And if your partner makes you gyrate (notice ladies, gyrate is not = twerk) then the merrier. Anto already married this music, judging by the joy on his visage as he sways along, rhythmically to the tune. Such a heart-warming video.

I’m all for ‘to each, his own’ but we gonna have to share this beautiful missus with Anto, I don’t have much choice, I love it just as much, if not more.

The good news is, Anto is not selfish, not at all. That is why he has shared his soulmate with us, Africa. The whole world. How generous can a brother get really? Think what you want, but I’m not letting this cup of holy grail pass me. I will drink to my full, and then drink some more. Call me greedy, just know that good music quenches thirst. The thirst for content. I have that kinda thirst. Thank you Anto, this is really awesome. Africa, enjoy!

Twitter: @antoneosoul   


2 thoughts on “AAA Delivery: #Paragasha – Anto Neosoul [Kenya]

    • It is a really good song, hey. Thanks for readership and most importantly the feedback 🙂 Will check out your blog as well.

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