AAA Delivery: #Yashua (Probleme) – Poppa Don [Kenya]

In my IDFWU mode (which is highly activated currently), I pay attention to really few people, and even fewer artistes, the blessed few. Coz luck don’t live around here, it never visits either. Excuse the method to my madness, there is somewhere we’re heading with this.

I’m selective to music and non tolerant to bullshit so typically, I don’t listen to what most of you yuppies buzz about on a sequel. Funny how they echo ‘Content is King’ yet seldom appreciate one when presented to them. So early this morning while scrolling through my IG feeds, busy giving back to the society by validating THOTs with ‘likes’ on their filter-filled pictures accompanied by shallow google-aided quotes, I chanced upon a concise post by Shukid, because Royals always share damnit. All hail the King! At the drop of a hat (which I was not wearing by the way), I cancelled my good will ambassadorial duties to the Instagram models and proceeded to YouTube. The Don had a new video!

It’s been a while since Poppa Don made AAA headlines, the last time I heard about him was when he made the HBR Freshmen cut and boy ooh boy, was I happy for a brother. There has been some desultory news here and there about a possible mixtape featuring a deejay but honestly, I never laid my eyes (or ears in this case) on any material. Look! Elvis never left the building! The Don has been working on an album, aptly titled King Of The Nile. Now here is where I need your help, I remember something about the Nile being the world’s longest river. How true is that? Don’t you raise your eyebrows at me son. When you attend a History class hot in the afternoon, in a poorly ventilated room, air aromal off thick flatulence because come on, what do you expect from teenagers fed with Ugali and half baked beans? They fart!  And the last thing your amygdala can do, is function well and thus, there is memory loss tendencies. Sigh, it takes all that convincing for you to understand why i don’t recall any bit of my History classes, hence my assumption that the Nile must be the longest River in the world.

And off the Nile flows poppa Don’s new single, Yashua… and it’s a propleme! Top of the mind, this song reminded me of the good old  Coola Gang days when Kapella was outchea spitting BARS!! There is a kind of resemblance in their voice and delivery on the first two bars of Yashua. I know my sounds damnit, don’t you deny that. It sounds like Kapella spitting on that Stay Scheamin remix bruh. Flowing on, this has to be the Don’s most prolific work thus far. What of the Catholic Pope serenading the hook in Latin? Don’t tell me that is not the voice of Benedict, my life will be one huge pile of a lie. I don’t know what word on the streets is, but the 254 is awakening to a new age of miracles. Emanating off the lab, and no, not a science test lab. They are creating magical music. I already feel born again. Redeemed.

I want that album, I will even pre-order it fam. How much does it cost again to ship stuff from our Neighbouring Country, Kisumo? Poppa, just confirm one thing for me, that on the actual album, on the King of The Nile, Yashua will have three verses. Just that. Is it too much to ask? Let me rephrase that, is it wrong of me to be greedy and want more of your raps on that killer jam? I pray not. Africa, this right here, trust me you will love. I’ve never been wrong, well, maybe once, okay twice. But this one, this right here is music.    .

Facebook: Poppa Don

Twitter: @PoppaDon1


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