AAA Delivery: #Star – Cr3w Teflon [Kenya]


Yes! Yes! Yes!

How many yeses are those? I need another yaaaaaaaaaiiiisss. In kathy Kiunas’ voice. Yes again. Kids, this is exactly the shit Jesus died for. This right here is what our Lord was sacrificed for. Behold, the son of God can now gladly come back, life is complete. I have lived. Do I sound excited? Fuck it, I am ecstatic. Let me explain (my word play is on decimal like Musyoka bruh!). So, where do we really start? Yeah right, from the beginning. I’m a kind man, so I will share my story with y’all, the least you can do is eat it. Swallow. When this song came out, I played it a record 1000 times nonstop! How do I know? I put it on replay for 3 and half days. That is (24hoursx3.6daysx60minutesx60seconds)/311. You get it? Nope. How did I end up on 311. Well, the song is 5 minutes, 11 seconds, that makes 311 seconds. My Mathematics is so Einstein my nigga. Touche!

I can finally share with you, Africa, this gem of music because they heed my call and did a video for it! But first, a trip down memory lane. 

So in 2013 when Jaaz Odongo uploaded snippets of what he considered his A-1 production, I hit him up in a New York minute, calling him out for not including ‘Star’ on that compilation. I did not mince my words. I told him I don’t care what he has or he will ever produce, Star was the best song he ever did. The pinnacle of creative juice flow.  I was so serious. Jaaz laughed. I did not. 

You are young and ambitious, you know exactly what you aspire to be. No one takes you serious though. No one sees the passion you have to achieve your dreams. It’s frustrating. To rephrase J Elects. words; It’s frustratin’ when you just can’t achieve your dreams, and it’s hard to trust enough to let others be in charge of it. But even though the feet might fail you, or the heart might ail, a dreamer ceaselessly remains on the race. Till you’re blue in the face. “Momma used to tell me to reach for my dreams and to always believe” This are the best words I ever heard on a song. I have been a dreamer all my life and believe me you, I know on a first hand basis the struggles people go through to achieve their dreams. Cr3w Teflon shares their experiences in one of the best body of work they have ever done. Star. Talk about motivation at it’s best. I don’t know about Timmy and Team, but I’ve always believed that they specifically composed that song for me. As a heads up to go out and chase my dreams. When I listen keenly, I can hear them whispering in my ears,”keep going Holly, you are almost there homie.”

Star is that song you just press play, click repeat and get lost, in your own fantasy world. Thinking about all the hardships you endure on a daily. And when you finally come to, you get up and go for it. The dream. I’ve never been this motivated. So much preaching going on here. Mavuno can’t match this. Just saying, you know?

One thing Cr3w, You’ll make it. Ooh I know you will. Right Africa? Yes you will. Go ahead and make Motherland proud. 

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Twitter: @Crewteflon


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