AAA Delivery: #Ndakusowa – Dali [Malawi]

This is where I bring my Elani shit on and go Koo Koo. Or should I stay Klepto and go Goo goo gaga? Those are just but some of my superpower abilities. My imperium dexterity when a good African music looms on my playlist. Trust a good jam to get Holly off a vacation in Ibiza just to share it with y’all. If that’s not the epitome of kindness, then mizimu yamakolo in Cholu should tell me what more there is.

Dali is not just an artiste we feature here every now and then but he has become like family to me. He keeps sending me new music. Nowadays he rarely does, I guess fame is finally catching up with my dear brother or the management just became a bit more strict 😊😊😊 Whichever way, he doesn’t owe me shit and I appreciate when a brother shares some good music with me. This single has been a personal favorite since it’s release, some two years back? I overplayed it back then till my girlfriend took off (not clothes dimwit), and saved it somewhere safely in my gold collection file. Until my PC became overly independent and refused to adhere to my requests of functioning properly. Talk about zero fucks given, sigh.

This right here is the only song that may (and I stress on the may) make me ever to forgive Dali for not releasing a video to Kodi Wavomera. if that’s his final decision that is.  

So the video has the simplest of executions and it goes straight up to illustrate what the song is all about for ye earthlings who can’t get a drift of Chichewa. I will let you enjoy it yourself. Other than this, Dali has a few dance records he has done in the recent past. What we call radio jams and I totally respect that. Don’t get it twisted, labels need to grease their wheels. But the Dali I know and love his music is the one who makes Fall in Love, Kodi Wavomera and Ndakusowa! Let’s just be real here.

So, for the love of good music and in support of one of the best musicians in Malawi, watch Ndakusowa. I’d like to propose to the lady on this video somewhere on the shores of Indian Ocean with a bottle of Amarula (not Roberto) in one hand and a ring in the other, but only if y’all will support my bids. Are you with me on this?


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