AAA Delivery: #NoCompany – Kevin Grands [Kenya]

In the beginning I had love for Kenyan hip hop. As I believed that there were a number of great talents that would make  it go international. Time has proved me both right and wrong. I’ve seen quite a number of promising groups break up, sadly. Like high school sweethearts who realize that they have nothing in common after adulthood sets in.  But those that held on and maintained the grind are right here, proving me right. And that brings ID37 crew to mind. 

It is not easy being an artiste in Kenya. Twice the hurdles for an urban Hip Hop artist. Let’s rephrase this. It is much easier for the government to eradicate corruption in Kenya than a Hip Hop act to succeed. Way much easier to find Huddah in a full dress than to hear Kenyan Hip Hop on rotation in the mainstream radios. 

Grands has held it down, despite all these. And that may tempt you to ask, “Kevin how’d you do that?” Two words – No Company!

That is what the ID37 engineer and Mc will scream back at you. 

How I long to get some Kenyatta’s in my wallet and scream “No company” to all the fools who’d wanna just say hi to a nigga. Hehee. 

This is one jam you should ride to. The ultimate solo dolo jam! 



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