AAA Delivery: #Yego – Khaligraph Jonez [Kenya]


Even before the ink on my last post could dry, I’m back again writing, blame it on K Jonez! Yeeeeego! And we can revisit that last post (just be careful, wet paint ahead) and check what I said about Khaligraph, crazy work ethic.

He is back again with a video to his single Yego! I wanted to share the audio here a couple of weeks ago but when the video director told me that they had started shooting, I opted to chill and share the visuals instead. Something about pictures having 1000 words? We all love something for the eyes.

Haters will say the instrumentation is a Young Thug bite off, we already know so please don’t remind us no more. Also, wasting a dope beat is a fucking crime and K. Jonez just pardoned that faggot by resurrecting this great track. While at it, we already agreed that his accent is nothing new to talk about, right? You see, I’m trying to ensure that you enjoy some good music without side eyes and excuses. If music is good, it’s good man. Quit with the persiflage and just appreciate art. If Khali makes more luo raps, everybody will be sold to his music. Mark my word. 

What do you think?  



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