AAA Delivery: #Viroboto – Kidis [Kenya]

I’d have written this post in Swahili sanifu but for fear of tampering with the untouchable works of the great Ken Walibora, let me not. No matter how old you are, you can never outgrow your elders and that my dear friends, is as honest as it gets. So, why would I even think of rivaling Mr. Walibora? For the simple fact that I’ve just stumbled upon one of those jams! You know them right? The ones that make Holly forget his simmering pot of fufu. The ones that make Holly attempt to dance like a Congolese man, only to end up looking like a tired Camel lying down in haste. How many joints does a camel have? How fast can it fold them? Do the math.

Why am I parroting? Because I’ve got some goody goody groovy music damn it! 

The name is Kidis and I kid you not, he is wondrous, musically. 

He is story for another day. For now, let’s talk about his new single, Viroboto. 

I will say this again, I will always repeat it by the way. Okay, I will only say it till the day Mugabe desists being Zimbabwe’s’ president You see that happening anytime soon? I’ll wait. . 

Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing sounds and feels like a good African beat accompanied by an equally lustrous African vocals. Add a lucent visuals with a bevy of African endowed Queens suggestively gyrating their bosoms and Voila! There goes the modus operandi for turning our gay brother straight! Heaven was not ready to open it’s gates. When a Swahili woman twerks, even the Pope will pause amidst his world tour just to have a piece of that. The sight is sumptuous. I repent.  

Kidis new video is a compound of all things great. From the African set up to the attire and the casts, everything is superbly choreographed to a binding masterpiece. I have not used that word in a very long time. Eons I presume. Congratulations The Jembe for reviving it on my vocabulary. 

The song is stuck on my mind. the lady opening the video did exactly what she was meant to, open. If hustling all the way to Dubai will ensure me these, dear Lord I was ready since yesterday. I love this song. Okay, let me rephrase that, I love the ladies doing their thing on this video. I might come across as perverted but those who know me can attest that my name is Holly 😊😊😊

On a scale of 10 to 11, how perverted are you? 



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