AAA Delivery: #LoseIt – Hazel Mak [Malawi]


3 minutes. I just need three minutes here before I get right back to my full time job; thirsting on Hazel Mak. Spare me the smirks and snarls, please.  In case you forgot (which is purely inevitable) the good book strongly advocates that we should not judge. Thank you. 

Hazel Mak.

This beautiful mami makes me emend my life and the choices I make. Each and every day. In Kenya, we say Mrembo sana (very gorgeous) and that is an understatement if you ask me. Her music rivals her looks. Talk about a double package. Don’t you love when they come in twos? I know men love it double. Like waiter, gimme a double of that, on the rocks. Ooh we love them double, just ask Victoria Kimani. Say 2 of dem! Before we get any further on Hazels curves (pardon the pun…. and my perverted mind) I saw an article on Okay Africa about 15 great Malawian Artistes and guess who made the cut? Mak!! I was elated. All I ever want is to see a hardworking sister prosper really. Nothing feels better than seeing a dreamer living that dream.

She has a new video. And at the end of this, I’m going to search for Dola Billz and kill that brother. How do you accomplish my bucket list with such an ease? Lucky you, in Africa, we are all brothers and unlike Cain, we don’t murder our siblings over here. Thank your guardian Angels bruh.

Lose it. That is all I’ve been doing. Blame Hazel for that. Whoever composes these beats for her is certainly prospering. Remember Liyaya? I still twirl to that as I watch the comely sun set upon the dazzling African horizon. Does it, by any means, remind you of Umbeta? Nonetheless, a moment of respect to Chuka Royalty. Salute.

So in this new jam, Hazel wants us to go back home after this night out and lose it. In her own words, ‘we need to take this party home and have a party on my body.’ Say no more my love, I’m reeeeeaaaaaddddy!! Dola’s rap perfectly compliments everything on this song. His vocals blend well with Hazel’s and in unison, they commix with the beats. Well done.

What stands out in this record is the video. It is the epitome of awesomeness. The editing has no room for critics whatsoever. And they brought that African vibe on it. From clothing to make up. Who has been advising these guys? Come on, we need a reason to hate lol. Stop being such perfectionists, what do you want us to whine about? Hehee. Much love to you guys. From Kenya, we have nothing but love for the African unity. Just one question, where is Dola Billz from? Google was not my friend here and just like Africa, UK is not a country.   .   

Africa, how do you find the music in overall? We are here to listen.  

@hazelmakmusic , @DolaBillz


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