AAA Delivery: #AfricanStar – Ace Harris [Liberia]


It’s barely 9 am in Nairobi, chilly is the new weather around here. Don’t even get me started on the insanely crazy traffic. But I’m happy to be a alive and for that, we thank the great Gods of Africa and the Almighty. It is a blessing to be alive, in a world where they shoot and kill brothers for the unfathomable crime of having a little bit more melanin on their skin. Another Hallelujah, and an Amen will do.

Now that we are done with the rituals, let’s face the music. Figuratively. This one is life. I mean in the essence of big. And life has a way of surprising us. Like this morning when everything else seemed cold, I found warmth in some wonderful music. Rarely do you get music that has all the elements knightly intertwined in harmonious unity.  

They are 3 distinctive artistes. Two from Liberia, one a Sierra Leonean. Talk about unity. Seems beats and vocals are not the only things uniting. 

And you know how koo koo we get at the sniff of artistes united for a common goal. Ace Harris, who Google proudly and boldly notifies me as a Grammy-nominated producer, teams up with Cypha D’King and a Mansa Musa descendant, Lloyd Musa to deliver this jewel of a track duly titled African Star! I’ve never been fan of spoilers but here is one thing, this one is an empowering song. Something long overdue if you ask for my 2 cents. We needed this like Nollywood needs News-jacking for their movie topics. Pardon my chivalry. Look, no more spoilers, how about you listen and share your sentiments with us? 

Does it make you feel like an African Star? Shout out to Norah for the heads up!

@AceHarrisMusic , @LloydMusa , @CYPHADKING



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