AAA Delivery: #Asandilande – Capital Gal & Dali [Malawi]


I didn’t get the drift on this until the second verse came on. Then it hit me like wait, here is a broke niggas’ anthem! I’ll explain. 

Chichewa is not my first language so naturally,  I had to look out for other things, say facial expressions and signs to decode what the jam is all about. Until Tech’s (sorry, I still call him that) verse came on that is.

Sang on a relatively heavy African drum beats, continuous kicks and melodious baseline, one immediately get’s drawn to the instrumentation on Asandilande prior to getting captivated by the vocals. Listen to Liquideep’s Rise Again to know what i’m talking about. This is my first time listening to Rustica Kapito alias Capital Gal, while Dali has already set a higher vocal standard with his other releases so my ears are rightfully biased. Blame it on Kodi Wavomera. (Hello Tech, I wasn’t gonna let that slide, was I?)

So, what exactly are they talking about? Well, they are pleading with #TeamMafisi (visit Kenya and you will understand it brothers and sisters) to leave their lovers alone. Yes you have the cash, the ride and the game but I sincerely love my bae, let us be. Good luck telling that to Kenyan men. Over here, we snatch your wives and husbands too, what’s girlfriend/boyfriend then? Tech, real niggas don’t beg other men to stay away from their women bruh. You make your lady stay, if you can’t, another man will do it for you, freely(unless she is a socialite looking for a sponsor). Simple mathematics. Kapito, ooh my dearest. If you make me yours, you’ll never worry about another woman snatching me. Nay! I’ll not even thirst on Hazel Mak 😂😂😂😂. Anyway, they say if someone is able to ‘snatch’ your partner, just know he/she was never yours to start with bruh. 

The song is an easy listen; Capital’s vocals are charming, Dali’s are entrancing while the beat is melodious. I love Chichewa music. It is always refreshing. 

Waiter, give me a double of that. No, not Malawian Gin, I mean Asandilande! God Job guys, more collabos in the future maybe? 




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