AAA Delivery: #MeBad – Donteh [Kenya]


I am not a huge follower of dancehall. Neither do I consume Reggae music in luxuriance. I however love and admire the Rastafarian lifestyle. No handshakes (we nah touch unclean tings), tams on head (gotta keep the sacred dreads off environmental dirt too, plus stupidity and other societal ills are contagious, you know?) and occasional free flowing dresses (mostly white! gotta love the cleanliness of these brethrens and sistrens. Its fixating!) My kid sister Mishu is a staunch Rastafarian. Jah bless a sister. I seldom interact with Rastafarians nor their lifestyle though (other than the occasional highness that is).

But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating good reggae music. I love roots. I love Culture. I find his music refreshing. I, like any other yuppy, love Bob Marley too. Come on, Who dare hates Bobby? The good ol’ Bob? Of course those who have their reservations on matters world peace, and love. Or, the crazy Nairobian ladies who freeze in cold nights to look hot. Yes. Those ones hate Bobby. They say his music is boring since they can’t daggering to it. They can’t shake their German Juice to freedom. I heard.

Ragga is music for the carefree. 

Whenever the words dancehall and music pop up. I think of one guy. Donteh! It is no secret that I have a soft spot for Donteh and his music. Good music touches spots that you’d not be able to in any normal circumstance. Good music can hit the G spot faster than a 9 inch would. Good music is therapeutic. And orgasm is therapeutic too. Now put two and two together and let them tango. Donteh makes good music. Good dancehall music. Nairobi ladies love dancehall music. Now imagine how much the’d love the maker of good dancehall music? I can only imagine, Donteh.

And they love bad boys too. I heard from reliable sources. (By the way, which source is more reliable than the rest; Peptang, Ketchup or Dana?)

Donteh is a bad. At least he confessed so. I don’t know which kind of bad. Is it Michael Jackson bad? Or Kim Kardashian bad? I can’t tell. I’m good. It takes one to notice one.

But I love good music, by bad guys. Does that make me bad? We are what we eat, right? I think I’m bad. That is, after re-watching this new Donteh video a cool 12 times! Damn I must be bad. You see, the video has this slow motion effect that makes you glued to the screen the way niggas get hooked to the timeline on Titty Tuesdays, or #NoBraDay. That addiction is worse than coke. The track has a monophonic dense melody that is repetitive and sticks to your mind like a Post Election Violence. Now I have to share this video with you guys too. Because something this enslaving can’t be watched alone. I’ll be so mean not to share. 

How bad are you? 



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