AAA Delivery: Nyun La – Vypa [Gambia]


My Instagram career has been strenuous. Keeping me as busy as a beaver. It is not easy delivering utmost satisfaction, especially when humans (read ladies) are concerned. I try. In the wake of this, I have missed out on a couple of redefining moments in life. Moments worth profiling. I’m all about catching up right now. How about we head over to the smiling coast and see what the West African state has to offer? Buckle up.

We have been to Gambia (musically) several times in the past. We have shared some fat music while at it. Music so grievous it got the attention of the whole Africa. Music so alluring we still press replay, a year down the line. We have to give it to these graceful artistes for blessing us with their noble melodies. We are indebted as through their music, we have made friends and interacted with formidable personalities like Killa Ace and Sista Nije (?) just to mention but a few (don’t you hate that phrase? “Just to mention but a few”? Like what will you do with the rest of the time you have saved by not mentioning the rest? I hate that phrase. I loathe it. But mostly, I loathe the fact that I had to use it). 

Moving on, I still have a number of Gambian records on my music library. These are talented cats who have given their all to making Good Gambian music. And one of those at the forefront of pushing the Gambian sound to the rest of the world is none other than Vypa. The energy in this brother’s veins is always crazy! Like what does he eat and drink? Does he sleep while dancing? I’d like to see how Vypa sleeps, I’m not convinced he lays down like the rest of us, closes his eyes and let’s the sleep come and take him, peaceful. I think he battles with the slumber before finally giving in. But other than watching him sleep, what I’d really kill a whale for, is to watch Vypa in a live performance. That would be bananas!! His energy is over the roof!

Apparently, while I was busy sleeping, peacefully (of course) he released a new video. Now here is where we fight; Vypa, what happened to loyalty my brother? I thought the deal was clear; that anytime there is a new music, I should be the first to be informed? Did you forget that other than being a writer, I’m also your numero uno fan? Stop letting me down like this. El Nino did not invade us for this shit bruh. And this applies to each and every artist that has been featured on this blog; we are family like that. Help me look out for you. Y’all have my address, it’s never a bother when you shoot me a mail. Sawa? (I have to start teaching y’all Swahili while at it). 

Now that we are done with our little family squabble, let’s face the music. This one should get you jumping like an epileptic! 

Good job guys, this is a real party Anthem. Don’t be surprised if you find a video of some stranger riding around and bopping to Nyun La, all the way from Nairobi! 

Salute to y’all. We see you El Presidente Fatal. And ooh, those ladies, you though I’d forget? Can I have their twitter handles? Say like 5 of them. That’s not too much to ask for, I presume 😊😊😊 

@vypa_ , @Fata01ndar


3 thoughts on “AAA Delivery: Nyun La – Vypa [Gambia]

  1. Beautiful piece! Where in the world of Internet was I not to see this hooooot!!! Rapper! This guy is ill…. I,m a straight fan from today

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