AAA Delivery: Coming – Azma [Tanzania]



Here is a story of a guy who used to chat me up on social media; either Facebook or Twirra. (We finally agreed to switch ‘T’ with an ‘R’ whenever it appears in a word, aye?) All hail Southern American slang!!

Our talks would go something like;

Vipi kaka?

Salamu sana, nawe? 

Mie shwari, za kwako je?

Hamna mengi. mapya? 

Umeona video yangu mpya? Ipo kwa YouTube channel yangu….

And bam! I had new music to listen to and I never had to worry about the quality as Azma always ensures that his music are not only great but the content never disappoints. I have been listening and writing about his music for awhile and then one day he was like “Kaka, naaja Nairobi kesho kufuatilia muziki”. (Bro, i’m coming to Nairobi tomorrow to pursue my music) Right there and then, I saw greatness blinking at me straight in the face. Hold up, I will not be translating Swahili to you guys by the way, you thought I’d forget? Naaah, Swahili is such a beautiful language and no matter how hard I really wanna try, I still won’t understand why you haven’t learnt it yet. So yeah. 

Anyway, Azma came to Kenya and traced me all the way to my former workplace where we exchanged a few words and promising to catch up later, off he varnished. i have not set my eyes on him!. But i’m not even mad because every now and then, he checks up on me with tidbits; a new single out, shooting a video, recording with blah blah blah. He is always upto something this guy. Other than meeting up with me that is.

That something must be paying off for my Tanzanian brother. He has released a few singles while in Kenya and finally managed to shoot a high budget video for his latest track, coming, which he did alongside Khaligraph Jones.   

When a brother travels all the way from Mbeya to come and pursue his dreams in Nairobi, by all means pay that man attention, I don’t care how expensive it is. He has proved his worth and most importantly, his passion. Nothing supersedes passion. People see passion. They sniff it and immediately get attracted to it. Passion is a beautiful thing. Passion has seen many dreams come true as is the case with Azma. When i watch this new video, I see passion written all over it. Passion is present all through this video. Sadly, not the same can be said of Khaligraph Jones. Only Papa Jones vocals are present on it and even then, it is only on the intro! Where is Khaligraph’s damn verse? Come on man, Magufuli didn’t win the presidency for this bruh.

You know what, I will not allow my insatiable thirst for good music to be a killjoy right now. Let’s just watch Azma, Cara and Babz coming, shall we? That pun was not intended by the way. 



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