AAA Delivery: Sisi Ndo Hao – Kenyan Artists


I must admit that I’ve been sleeping on lot’s of Kenyan music. Hell I’ve been sleeping on all of Kenyan music. Like I was talking with a Gambian friend the other day, negotiating a possible Kenya/Gambia/Nigeria collaboration and it took me a whole week to pinpoint a suitable Kenyan act for the project. I’m that terrible when it comes to ‘supporting local music’. But wait! Does the artists give me a reason to support them? That is a question that we’ll probably never get an answer to. A yes or a no is neither here nor there. Kinda like Ruto’s tears.

Don’t call Bensouda on me, not just yet. You see, there is no way in God’s round earth that I’ll let anyone to ‘dandia’ on my blog ‘kama mathree’. Not anytime sweetie! I pledged my allegiance to nothing short of amazing, Tehn Diamond is my witness. No mediocre.

So, yesterday while I was tranquilizing in my small ka-space, a glass of Hydrogen (II) Oxide in hand, staring at pictures of filtered Instagram models and doing my little act of giving back to society by unwillingly ‘liking’ them, I ventured upon a post by Lox De Chiz, a brother from CMG and a great artist I must add.(He has a song whose intro I’ll never forget, he shouts out his South African hommie Kumala Nyambise; it can mean a whole lot of shit depending on where you put the pause). On this intrinsic post, Lox had shared a link to  video by a group of Kenyan artists. All ladies! Shout out to Beyonce, you made women realize that they can actually rule the world. We praise you. Factor in that I had just attended a BBC Global Question and the topic of discussion was Equality for African Women. This couldn’t come at a better time. I’m sorry if you sense a pun there.  

The first name on the single was Kyki, the reason I obliged to watch it even more. I had watched her freestyle just last week and I was like damn, this lady is good. With a little more effort and an honest team behind her (no Kevin, I’m not asking for a buoart intervention. Thank you), she is destined for greatness. However, what made me wanna watch it even fixedly was the fact that they were six ladies. Six ladies on one song! We have never seen such unity since the Uhuruto marriage. We have always waited for miracles and the coming of the Lords son. We have also waited, with the same baited breath, for the day women will desist from being their worst enemies and actually be united. The time is nigh. I kid you not dear brethrens and sistrens. To this, we praise Rev Kathy Kiuna’s weaves. An Aaaiiiiimen will be just fine. Must I ask everything, really? 

Sisi Ndo Hao loosely translates to We Are Them, my Shona speaking friends. And no, it is not anything like We Dem Boyz. The delivery is good really. The beat is a trappy but in a good way. The hook is simple and catchy. I’d be honest and pick my favorites but we all know how shit can get in matters involving ladies, don’t we? I still love my life bruh. Just know that the Queen Kunta line is gonna stick in our memories for a while hunnie. I’d be glad to big up Richie G and Edward for the audio/visual production but no, this is not about the male species today. You’ll have to be side-looked b, it’s not always gonna be about you. We have to show some love (don’t we always?) to our ladies too. Yes, I’m sorry team mafisi but we won’t focus on their looks either. For once, let’s admire our ladies for what they truly are; talented. 

To Kyki, Nasha, Tiziana, Renee, Noti Flow (ahem) and Baby T. Good stuff. You’ve proved that what men can do, women can not only do better, but can breath some freshness while birthing it. Can we have more of this?  


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