AAA Delivery: Walala Washala – Jay Rox [Zambia]


Ever since his exemplary delivery on translate, I have always been a fan of Zonefam’s Mr. Rox! Who wouldn’t though? He made that song have a longevity that is a rarity in today’s music. Personally, I also believe Jay Rox works way harder than his peers and he has remained a formidable solo artiste despite being in the biggest music group in Zambia. 

So I chanced on this new video titled Walala Washala and before I can hit up my brothers down there for translations, I deemed it fit to share with y’all because, well, we all love some good music. Especially on a blue Monday! 

I love it when ‘Hip Hop’ artistes branch out and experiment with a different sound. Unlike the rest, I don’t see this as ‘selling out’, ‘going commercial’ or whatever new nomenclature the OGs decide to term it; to me, it is simply being diverse. And as Jay would say, it is thinking and working outside the box. The graphics and directing in this is absolutely gnarly. As usual, Zambia is out to prove that all the beautiful ladies of the motherland were born, bred and hidden right in Lusaka. We are about to pack and head southwards bruh. The choreography is a bit lackluster but hey, that is just my side’s view. What does your eye see? 



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