All Around Africa : Zeekapten [Haiti via Cameroon]


All men are prone to forget. Unless boobs are involved. I don’t know about you but that is the mantra I live by and I encourage you to try it. To be Holly, you must find clever lies or excuses. That is mine. I hope I have since been forgiven 😊😊😊. 

So I found this email a few weeks (maybe a month) ago from a brother all the way from North Carolina and I was like hell no! They don’t read our blog over there, those fuckers are too busy roaming the Atlantic Ocean beaches, exploring the Appalachian mountains or watching the mighty Carolina Panthers on their spare times. How wrong I was. 

While going through the mail, I discovered that the brother hailed from Haiti. I sat straight. Many don’t know this but Haiti has and will always have a special spot in my heart as the first brother that we bonded with musically was a Haitian. He made me believe that Haitians are Africans, just on a different part of the world. They are the most humane breeds alive. God bless RonMixa. 

And so it goes without saying that we talked with this new found brother and discussed all matters music. But before we get there, let’s know a thing or two about him. Africa, meet Zeekapten.

Alford Alexandre Chandler Amicy know as Zeekapten is a Haitian Artist who spent most of his years traveling back and forth from Haiti and The States. He fell in love with hip hop creole in 2007 after hearing for the first time the number one Hip Hop Creole Group in Haiti known as Barikad Crew. After hearing their music, Zeekapten decided to pursue his dream as an artist. For years, he was just doing music for people he knew and family members but never really tried to reach the mass. In 2015 the manager/CEO of MadMen Records known as Anonymous reached out to Zeekapten and proposed a deal which Zeekapten quickly jumped on and accepted (come on, who wouldn’t?). Zeekapten’s first official single was “Pa Janm Bliye” (Never Forget) Ft. his younger brother Triple A. After The success of “Pa Janm Bliye,” Zeekapten continued to work with MadMen Records on a production level even though he is an independent artist and is not signed to them. Now located in North Carolina, he continues to make music for fans in Haiti and hoping that his latest track will be recognized not just by Haitians but all around the world. 

And Africa is part of that world, aren’t we? When a brother sends you such a detailed bio, you better share his music man, it’s only logical. 

On this new track titled Mwen Plen Lanmou Pou Ou or just shortened to MPLPO, Zeekapten features two Canada based Cameroonians; SeouddrumS and Hopiho. Talk about being global The single is partly in French and partly in Haitian Creole! What a beautiful time to be a live. I’m honored to witness the making of such magnificent music. For my English speaking brothers and sisters, no we are not insulting your lovers when we say Mwen Plen Lanmou Pou Ou, it simply means I have a lot of love for you.

The beat has a sample which makes it relate-able and alluring. I can’t really pinpoint where the baseline has been sampled from but my short memory indicates that it was seen entering Dj Mustard’s studio while Chris Brown and Kid Ink were recording. Go figure. 

I couldn’t careless about samples right now as I’m busy jamming bruh. In all honesty, I want MadMen and Zeekapten to continue working together if this will be the outcome of their marriage. What do you say?



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