AAA Delivery: Uvece – Phonez [Kenya]


If there is a label that’s actually making music as opposed to songs, it has to be Flag 42. Maybe we need to explain the difference between a music and a song? Not today, I’m a bit busy listening to good music. Just know that the likes of Fimbo and Dandia are just but songs. Music on the other hand have a life. And as Kimathi puts it, there’s no longer Hip hop in the clubs siku hizi. But we certainly have it here, from all around Africa. 

The first time (come on man, everyone talks about the first time, don’t give me that look) my ears interacted with Phonez vocals was on the runway classic, My Way. I still play that song for inspiration. The jam left a great impression on me, so great that I’ve been looking forward to more of his music. You know how you look forward to go home after work just so you can feast on the food you bakishad? Yes. Now get your mind off food and refocus it on music. As if the angels above always forget about my sins and attend to my wishes, that has just come to be. $nz, not only has a new jam but a mixtape on the way as well! How awesome is that? 

The first two tracks off the Most Wanted mixtape are Nyumba Kumi and Uvece. The thing about Phonez is his ability to switch between Swahili and English in his raps with so much ease. Makes listening really fun. So being the generous human I am, I’ll share both of them below, just for your pleasure. How about you watch and tell us what you think of it, and of course what Uvece means. 

Okay, I don’t really know what Uvece means. But I sure know muziki si vitisho, kazi haifanywi hivo. So wacha Uvece.

And here is the interesting one. For all the African music lovers, get dancing to this. 



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