AAA Delivery: Kata – Staric [Tanzania]


Tanzanian music has to among the most beautiful sounds around in our generation. I mean, their lyrics are simple and relate-able, beats dance-able and most of the time, the theme addressed is one which we can resonate with. Name any Tanzanian artist and I will tell why they are popular or the song in question is popular. Anyway, my bias for Swahili music aside, we can all agree to disagree that at least Tanzanians keep it real in their music. 

I came a cross this new act christened Staric from the land of Bongo fleva and after sampling his music, I was only proved right. He has playfully inter-weaved the childhood anthem Kata to make a modern day dance jam. It has a similar melody and vibe to Werrason’s Kata Fumbwa. The lead guitar on this one is just awesomely done. From an artiste who considers himself a serious performer, I can imagine how jolly the crowd can get when this comes on the playlist. From a new artist, I must say Staric is striking the right cords with his music.

Being a dance jam, the director ensured the video was just that, a dance video. But here is the best part, he incorporated beautiful outdoor scenes that make the video such an eye candy. The dancers too came through, no long faces; everyone was jovially swaying what they got! Hey, African mamis are always a happy lot, especially when good music is concerned. 

What do you think of it? 


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