AAA Delivery: Maalo – Sasha Brighton [Uganda]


I want to marry a Ugandan lady. No seriously, I want to marry a lady from Uganda. I will explain, you will understand. And then you will want to do the same. There is something, something illusive about our sisters from the Pearl of Africa. Something about a woman who is not ashamed to take care of you.

Okay, I know the rest will start arguing that all women take car of men. Not all. Not the way Ugandans do. A Ugandan mami will wake up and make you breakfast, sit back and calmly watch as you take it. Bring you the briefcase and escort you to work. She will call you in the course of the day just to inquire how you are coping and when it is time to come back home, she will be waiting to receive you with all her curves; hips, cleavage and the one permanently planted on her face, the smile. That is not all, she will kneel down as she welcomes you Ssebo! Actually, they kneel every time when approaching their husbands because they believe they don’t just have husbands, they have Kings. And they are rightfully queens. Come to think of it, they are the pearls themselves. If that’s not love, then tell me what is? 

So I found this new music from one of the beautiful sisters across the boarder and it touched my heart. It is not easy to touch the heart of a gangstar, I kid you not. We do not have feelings. It is a soft emotion for a G to show feelings. But right now, you can shove that BS down the Nile River. I’m in love. With her music. Okay, her music first and then other things as well. It’s good to be honest. Honesty is divine, you know?  

The song is all about love and who better to express it than the experts themselves? We already closed this debate by the way, Ugandan women are unmatched when it comes to matters of the heart. This one specifically has a catchy melody on a mid tempo bassline. Perfect for just lounging, watching the love of your life sway her hips as she does the daily chores. We all know what happens there after… The artist has a frail social media trail but her music is really nice. Come to think of it, doesn’t all Ugandan music sound nice? The simplicity in the lyrics and the overall beauty of the women always makes for an enchanting watch. Will you be in love after watching this? 


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