AAA Delivery: Ssekukulu – Dr. Bitone [Uganda]


You know what they say about bananas? One is never enough! and when it comes to good music, we serve them like bananas! I was strongly willing to head over to the Gambia after that Sasha Brighton post but no. Uganda has refused. Who am I to persist? being that I respect you guys so much, i’ll tell you how we’ve ended up here, mark-timing in King Mwanga’s hometuff. This is what happened; I had set my YouTube player on autoplay and as the videos played, I was working on some other things. Do you find yourself doing that at times? I do it all the damn time. 

Precisely, I was reading the news about how the French PM has indicated a possibility of both chemical and biological bombings on ISIS. Too much chest pains for a Thursday. Not fair to this princely day. Thursday is a noble day. It is the maid of honour to our bride; Friday. As such, we are supposed to treat it with love, joy and respect. With novelty. Sad that the world won’t just respect it no more. 

While still mulling over the back and forth between France and ISIS, I heard this characteristically appealing vocals on my eardrums. At first, you can confuse it for Jose Chameleon’s. He was saying something about a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Too early maybe, Santa? But it caught my attention, immediately. I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Christmas. By celebration, I mean getting new clothes, eating Chapatis and mandazis, going to Church for an overnight mass to witness the ‘birth’ of Jesus, not forgetting gathering at the local shopping centre and buying lots of Sodas and sweets, which later on turned to sachets of illicit alcohol as we grew older and puberty set in. Man, don’t we miss those days! Growing up was so much fan. Until it actually happened (the growing up) and we got reduced to work maniacs constantly chasing illusionnary dreams and fighting to beat deadlines. Life became boring, to say the least. 

So now when I heard a song about Christmas in November, I was elated. I mean, Wycliff Jean might just be getting home and we are already in the Christmas mood. how exciting is that? I was left reminiscing by Dr. Bitone’s new jam! You see, he is a doctor too. The Jose similarities keep pilling. A good doctor this one is. He has therapeutically spoken to our longings for the festive season and reminded us of just how important this holiday used to be. I hope it still is, to you.

In luganda, it is called Ssekukulu. We just call it Skuku back where my grandma resides, watching the beautiful sun set over the horizon. This is one song that will sure get you feeling some kind of joy. Especially if you lived in a home where Christmas was cherished and celebrated. Thank you Bitone for the trip down memory lane, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! 


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