AAA Delivery: Cece – JIHUN [Sierra Leone]


The only thing capable of turning a dappled yet pastel and nippy Monday to mellow is, according to the oracles, a soothing sound. More so if you happen to support one Arsenal FC and they have just squandered your Sunday with a draw to some upcoming clubs that are still fighting to get the attention of fans, like a new rapper in the downtown streets of Nairobi. It is lethargic. That is why we are all gathered here under the Cotton Tree to offer our unworthy compliments to one Cece, for making this day bearable. Now, may we bow in respect.

I have sampled (and written about) Cece’s music (and beauty) in the past years. I have always been thrilled by her vocals and smile. That smile should never leave your visage dear sister, no matter what happens. Promise? One thing about Cece and her director is the circumspection by which they choose their shoot locations. That is always a plus for them. Even before you get introduced to Cece’s smile, the surroundings have already captured and arrested your taste buds. Her new single, Jihun has just been released and the video is a carefully crafted work of art. This new song has every ingredients needed to make an African Anthem. I won’t be much of a spoiler but my female colleague confessed to me that she couldn’t get her sight off one of the casts. I’ll speak no evil. Holly sees no evil. I only hear.

Based on an enchantment story between a queen and gardener with chiseled body, the video narrates a tale of a love beyond boundaries. Don’t we all just love and hate love in equal proportions? For a moment, you will think you are watching a Nigerian movie in 3D, just with better actors and greater directors. The devil doesn’t remove shoes at the doorstep here. We have to give it to Nick on this, a very commendable job brother. 

To me Cece is the SI Unit of African beauty. No disrespect to my light sisters but our Ancestors didn’t run away from skyscrapers to come and plant plantains for no apparent reason. We are meant to eat. Africa is naturally plum, look at the shape of the map 🙂 

So, as you enjoy some good Salone music, how about downing it with a calabash of Jollof and peppered groundnut stew? 



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