AAA Delivery: Hadii – Sadaka [Tanzania]


It is always fun when you have to write about an artist who has his shit in order. I mean rappers claim they are the shit until you realize they are actually shit, literally. So when I got an email from this brother just across the border  about his impending release, I simply wrote back with instructions to get a fool press kit on the time of release. And a full press kit is exactly what I got. Ever heard about being careful of what you wish for? On a second thought, maybe I should have asked for one of those fine Chagga mamis to be enclosed in the kit as well. ‘I wish I knew’ is the real bisch. 

Now then, here is a De Fatality Music signee, Hudson Minja alias Hadii Hardname. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Hardname bit. Minja on the other hand sounds like a name my cool cousins would have. So yeah, we are already family like that. Hadii is a rap artist who, just having released 3 singles, already boasts of a Kili Awards nomination under the Best Upcoming Artistes category. Now, in a country where you are rated against the likes of Joe Makini, GNako, Fid Q and Mwana FA, you must be doing something really amazing to even be considered a torchbearer bruh. For that, we had to give this brother some space. 

Hadii just released a new video to his Album Title track, Sadaka. I’m always skeptical of that term. Where I come from, Sadaka is what conmen call the scrupulous amounts they leech from unsuspecting adherents, mostly lower class citizens. Let’s hope Hadii is not another Pastor Kanyari or Reverend Kathy Kiuna. Hello prophet, I see you 🙂 

Luckily, Hadii is not about hosing the public their money. A first listen to his verse and you understand why he was on that Kili Awards nomination list. Another single view of the video and you begin to see him confidently walking away with the awards soon. The different scenes for the video set up further helps catapult his music, giving it that Continental appeal. The transition from the white beach to the forest is just, beautiful. I specifically love the content in his music. Not much attention is given to content right now the world over. I can listen to this everyday in the drizzling mornings in Nairobi as well as during the hell-sent traffic jams in the evening. Together with Darasa and Raymond, Hadii has done an incredible work on this single. I’ve just found my new all time music. Is this something you would put on replay? 



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