AAA Delivery: Kita – I Wanna Fly [Tanzania]


Blood makes us related, loyalty makes us familly. I was once told that in the Music industry, there are never any long-term friendships, leave alone families. Nothing truer than that is you ask Holly. What they forgot to tell me is, we are not all cut from the same material. I have met a few ( very few indeed) brothers and sisters in this game who are more family to me than my relatives. And for that, I’m thankful. 

Azma is one of them. 

And it just happens that a family that stays together, sings together. So his brother, Kita, who has been featured in a number of Azma’s earlier releases is part of this growing family. Other than singing, Kita is also a producer who has been skillfully mastering his craft. One thing about these brothers is, they believe in Hip Hop and the music they have been making. Since the first time I heard Kuwa na Azma, they have never looked back. Gaining new fans each and every day. Making bigger moves by the sunrise and most importantly, making better music while at it. Greatness really grows people, even if you were not born with it – if you constantly pursue it.

Kita’s new video for the single I Wanna Fly has been shot in one of the most beautiful locations, a place I long to visit. Nothing screams peaceful like a green environement. I love green. I love nature. Nature does wonders if you let it. Case in point; there is this petite Mami in the video (the vixen) who is busy gyrating her toned physique without the slightest care in the world. The power of nature. Of green. No kaka Kita, we will not lie to you that she’s doing so because of your looks or vocals(hahaa, I’m messing).

On a second thought, it’s actually all the above. Hehee.

Is it just me? Tell me it’s not. I can’t be the only one who misses this kind of RnB music. Nowadays, everyone wanna create a danceable love song. Well, unless you want us to dance in the rain, we really can’t shake our stiff asses to Afrobeat love songs everytime. Thank you Kita for breaking the norm and giving us something different with I Wanna Fly. Sadly, we won’t be able to catch you as you fall dear brother. So, fly at your own risk (and pray the girl in question is strong enough to hold you when the Sun melts your wings 😂😂😂😂). 

Kita TheProducer: Facebook


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