#MusicMatters254 : The Playlist – 1[Kenya]


Alcohol is overrated. Take my word for that, run with it to the nearest Ba…nk. Not a bar, hehee. And why am I saying this? I finally realized that bonding over food (specifically chicken) is way efficient than a whiskey! 

So Jesse invited us to his house(again) for some Sunday Pep Talk and he made the mistake of inquiring what we would like to have for lunch as we prepare for the chat. “Chicken”, the voices went up in a unison chorus. That chorus, as short as it may seem, is way better than a full song by some Kenyan artists. Hehee. It’s too early for hatespeech, how about we go back to ‘ate-speech?’ With breasts and thighs on the table (come on ladies, even chics have boobies, Lol) the conversation was so munchy. We shared a few more ideas on what to do with the #MusicMatters254 because as earlier stated, we really wanna support our Kenyan brothers and sisters who work relentlessly to give us good music. 

Yet, as the plan slowly unfolds, we will be giving you new music to sample and include in your playlists,  should you find them worth your time. How cool is that? 

To start us off is this release, 25 by Superprodusir and Kevin Grands, that was apparently debuted on the CMG producers birthday. Musicians are special, when was the last time someone gifted you, instead of asking for one on their big day?

Have you heard Trabolee yet? Tra is art. That is all. If his first release of the year is anything to go by, 2016 should be nothing but ART! Let’s not create world while destroying planets. 

The legendary Doobiez has hit the year running, pedal on the medal. His first offering is a refix of the George Benson track Give Me The Night.

Who knew the year would start with the return of the Gospel prodigal son? Eko Dydda is here with Haina Budi. 

And you might need not look across the border for some smooth Swahili music with the setting of Asista group. The lovers of Chakacha music, like Holly, can’t be any happier. Ebu piga pasi. 

For those who turned 18 this year of ou Lord and saviour. Here is some adult content for you, from the K. Jonez.

Lastly, the gang at 42 released this gem towards the end of the year and it can be the prefect way to start your year as well. Who here doesn’t love a little trip down memory lane?

What new music are you listening? Share your playlist with us too 😊😊😊


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