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A few days a go, when the football fanatics were still predicting who would win the Ballon d’Or, we recieved a press release from a brother all the way in Nigeria. The release was full of links. Links to his music. Links to his social media pages. All of them. Matter of fact, he could have even linked us to his distant relatives if he could attach them on the mail. While you can look at it from whichever angle you prefer, us we saw it as a humble move by an artist who was determined, persistent and dedicated to expand his musical fan base, as he has already made aaname for himself. We are talking about a brother whose single has been featured in non other than Public Enemy Chuck D’s PEPR radio show. We love dedication. By the way, you make it easy for writers to slot you a space when you include all the neccessary links to your music and personal details (as long you don’t send us links to your Ex girlfriend, we don;t want that drama son). After deliberation, we settled on an interview with the Temple Of Hip Hop affilate and Nigerian artist, MCskill ThaPreacha as we anticipate his “Diary Of A Supernatural” album

If a kid bumped on you somewhere in Maseru, down in Lesotho and asked Mr. Man, who are you? What would you say that to youngin?

I’m MCskill ThaPreacha (real names Olawale Aremo),  I’m a recording and performing rap artiste, a writer, graphic artist and agronomist. I’m from Nigeria and I’m based in Lagos.

Agronomist? Seems we’ve finally found the one to sprout these beats. For how long have you been in the rap game?

More than five years now officially.

You’ve been here for a minute, how did that decision come about?

My love for Hip Hop as a culture, rap as a genre and all round love for music.

Being an all round music lover, do you happen to play any instrument? 

Not at the moment but I’d love to learn the guitar in the near future.

Still on the music, what differentiates you from the other fellas out there?

Uplifting minds has always been my agenda from day one, no doubt you could find me spitting it really raw sometimes, if you get what I mean but the former has always been key and bless God,  it still works for me.

Can you say there is a sole influencer to your style?

No doubt, My style is heavily influenced by the blastmaster KRS One and the golden era of Hip Hop.

Has it evolved over time? 

Pretty good fam, pretty good I must say. When cats try to tell me its slow, I always try to remind them its been steady also.

It’s funny how people have different likes and tastes for music. Do you happen to have any ’embarrassing’ songs on your MP3 player?

You trying to set me up now to mention names? (laughs) None. Honestly. Once I cop a material I ain’t feeling after a proper listen,  I delete.

Gotta create space for better music, uh? Hehee, so what genre can’t you stand?

Yet another set up (laughs) I can’t think of any right now. I get to listen to lots of genres and I’m all about the message most times. I really can’t think of any right now.

You have a girlfriend making bad music fam? Why are you playing safe LOL. Anyway, what’s your sentiments on the Nigerian Music scene?

Unstable. Promoters and record labels are all about afropop these days as it generates more funds. We got lots of talented rappers out here no doubt but there is no proper structure in place at the moment. I’m sure one or two of us will stand the test of time and leave a good legacy and structure new rappers will build on.

That’s dampening, however, we like the fact that you are being affirmative. In you books, who is King?

GOD. Okay,  that’s just expected so I will say my teacha KRS One.

Hehee. Moving on, what to you, would enable one to ascend to the top of the music pyramid?

I follow a formula called PhD (Prayers, Hardwork and Discipline) and I strongly believe its the best recipe to get any artiste on top.

Agronomist you said! Now we see it. Look here, we see elements of evil spells in Nigerian movies (yes we had to, hahaa), does that mean that the entertainment scene is surrounded by dark forces?

Dark forces like Dart Vader? (laughs) Fam,  there are dark forces everywhere, its not just restricted to the entertainment industry. We just gotta keep praying.

You are a funny one. We love that. Who does MCskill want to preach with on a song?

Right now,  I would say South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest. I’d love to have him on my forthcoming album. Let’s hope that works out. Can I get an amen? (laughs)

And your most memorable performance to date?

Hmm that’s a hard one but I think it was at the Apollo in Lagos. A monthly Hip Hop event tagged “Tha Zone”.  I had a really wild performance last year June or July. Can’t remember the exact month but I remember vividly it was such a solid performance which the crowd really appreciated.


Ooh, that’s great. Music aside, what hidden talents do you have? 

I’m a graphic artist,  I write novels (none published) in my spare time and I’m an agronomist ; common name around here is farmer. Not so hidden anymore I guess (laughs)

Lemme guess the titles (should they get published): The Mystery of Mami Water? Hehee, would ThaPreacha date a fellow celebrity?

Maybe,  Maybe not. (smiles)

You are already dating one? We won’t judge 🙂 talking about women, which country has the hottest ladies?


We will take this as a sponsored answer. How about a favorite chill spot?


Another sponsored anwer, how much did the Nigeria Tourism Board cough broh? Anyway, ever been busted doing anything crazy?

Nah nah. But whilst reading a book yeah,  if that can pass as crazy stuff,  cool. (laughs).

Nerds are crazy too, and cool. What’s your single wish for Africa.


You really are a peace loving person. May that come to be. Personally, what would be your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

Like I said earlier, leaving a good legacy and structure for new rappers to build or grow on and of course to be the greatest of all time.

It’s been insightful sharing with you brother. Thanks for giving us a feel of that Nigerian vibe (all we always hear down here is Shakini, whatever that really means). So thanks for showing us this defferent side. We wish you all the best with your music and hope to get linked whenever you have a new release. We are family now, right? Let’s wind up with a shout out, as always. 

Just gonna thank God for giving me the skill and talent to make music,  my parents for their prayers and support, my brother and producer “Stormatique” for the dope productions over the years, my core fans who always believed in me and my music, the critics for making me a better artiste and of course the media (AAA included) for the love and support. Big SHOUT OUT to y’all.

MCskill ThaPreacha : Facebook | Twitter | Blogsite 


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