AAA Delivery: Dali – Ndimahopela [Malawi]

We need no introduction to Dali, he has been a regular here on AAA. On a second thought, we might need one. Tech (I’ll always call him that) is like  Airtel/Celtel/Kencell; the number of times this brother has changed names only comes closer to the number of good music he puts out there. Okay, not as closer, he put’s out far too many great songs as compared to switching names, and for that, we give him a pass. 

His new record is titled Ndimahopela, and I intentionally refused to ask him the meaning. I have to challenge myself to learn more Chichewa on my own. 

Due to my unparralled position as his defacto brother from another mother, he shared the audio with me earlier before dropping the video. Not like he had any options 😂😂😂😂😂. To be honest, I know Dali wishes that I can lose or forget his contacts; the number of times I nag him, you’d think his girl is not doing enough of that already. Hehee. 

When the video starts, the Chicken Inn logo slaps you on the face and I’m not ready for some ‘on your face‘ product placement so I’m about to hit ‘skip add’ only to realize that it’s actually on the damn song! Sigh. Being the optimist fella, I think a hundred reasons to love chicken and the thought of thighs and breasts come to the rescue. Come on fam, who dare refuses some heavenly thighs and breasts to boot? Even my South African sisters have been vocal about this; #ThighsForJeaux. So this stunningly adorable mami – a fine piece of art – struts in with heels, prancing like a highway model straight to the reception, where Dali is the attendant. I’m staring, taking it all in, a fan in hand. It’s hot in here. 

Dali is left aghast. Dazed and mum. And when I said he is my brother, his reaction clearly proves me right. Hehee. Booty will be the ultimate redress to the long overdue world peace. Right at 0:48 mark, he takes the lady to a horse and I really want to believe you are not being sarcastic broh. Because it can be a way of rewarding her with a continous supply of hair – some call it weave. Ladies love that shit. And the reaction at 1:51 doesn’t help to water down my theory. Okay wait, maybe I’m just reading too much into this. So let’s fast forward to the 3:15 mark. Dali, you must be spending soo much time on Kenyan Twitter. I will explain; there is a joke by #KOT that Kenyan ladies apply too much make-up and use a lot of filters on their selfies, which begs one to take them for swimming on a first date, just to see their true appearences when they emerge out of the pool. I hope that wasn’t your intention broh.😂😂 

Levity aside, I get something better from Dali with each and every video release. His earlier synchronization on the dance songs weren’t as cohesive but with Ndimahopela, the moves are well choreographed. This is a definite club banger, I hope I’ll get to hear it playing in numerous joints across Africa. By the way, I’m starting a travelling rendesvous and I’ll be requesting for my favorite music in whichever Country I visit. Top in the least being Ndimahopela. I want you to watch this video and when you finally come to, from the Dali induced limbo, tell us which crazy dance move you hacked.    

We’ve had this convo with him for a minute about doing more RnB jams but after hearing that clubs in Malawi mainly bump P-Square, I’ve changed my mind. Go conquor that dancehall Dali, give Malinga Mafia a run for the Kwacha!


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