All Around Africa : Meloh [Lesotho]


Nobody likes a Monday, especially those who have nothing to do. Minions with too much hand on their time always complain, with much bile and rage, about this noble first day of the week. But hey, step back and look at it this; Monday is that fresh day of a new week. Like a virgin, Monday is chaste. It’s vestal. Mondays are unsullied. Unlike their hotheaded promiscous brother, Friday. So when I hear gofers fretting over a Monday, I sense immodest.

I’m strongly convinsed that top on the least of people whining about Mondays are socialites and their fans. Why? Because for once, nobody cares about the incessant nudes they are flooding our timelines with – people have real issues to be chafed at, like what colour of dress the receptionist will don today and how long it will be. Serious snags. Talking of socialites, is it just me or do you also believe that a throng of our young girls have wrong role models? As in, when did a possibly deranged human – due to low self-esteem – become a celebrity figure? Where I come from, I have not seen the society jubilating over truly and righteously successful individuals with integrity. Look at the music scene to get a glimpse of what I’m saying. 

So when I was going through Okay Africa news and chanced upon this article on a young concious sister all the way down in Lesotho, I got enamored.

Rarely do I find something so positive about musicians nowadays. It’s like searching for a ray of light in Donald Trump’s sentiments about Africa. It’s always dark. Meloh released this single last year, addressing a topic that many a persons do nothing buy shy away from. A thesis they cringe and flinch at. Nobody likes the truth, evidently. I’ve been waiting for the day when fellow artists would address the issue of sexualization of women in the music industry. A producer once told me that a lady musician without looks or that with looks and unwilling to use her sexual charms to magnetize fans is as good as a preacher on mute.

Well, one Meloh has surfaced to change this perception. In her debut track titled Soul Riddim, the young MC addresses the issue of ladies being hyped just because they are able to show some flesh. Most, if not all are always with a bare minimal talent. I couldn’t agree more. This is something I witness everyday. Musicians getting overrated not because they are talented, but simply coz people (especially Media) love their appearences. Well, Meloh is like a Monday, fresh, vibrant and posed. And she is serving truths in well urticulated verses. Food for the soul. 

On this Ragga Vybz production, Meloh tags along Gen AP to deliver this gospel in fusion of Hip Hop and Reggae feel. This is my listen to Lesotho music and I can’t wait to delve deeper and explore more. How I wish to hear more of this bold young lady. Look here dear sisters, Leleti Khumalo never struggled that much on Sarafina for y’all to be mediocre 😂😂😂. This right here is what music should sound like, what music was intended for; educating the society while entertaining. 

So ladies and gentlement, how about we stopped ashaming our motherland and went back to making good music that doesn’t need you to flash a boobie for people to take notes? Think about that. In the meantime, I’ll have another plate of whatever soulfood Meloh is serving.  

Meloh: Facebook | Twitter


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