AAA EP : #Daniel – Batuk [South Africa]


Have you ever been hollered by someone you’ve never figured knew about your existence and you are left there wondering what just happened? No. Let me rephrase that, has that person you’ve been crushing on ever stopped by and said hi, just when you were about to absorb the humbleness of never attracting their attention? Here is the part you ask all the gods of your ancestors that may this not be a Carly Rae Jepsen song and it all ends bad. I’ve never crushed on anyone. Lucky fool I am. But when Spoek Mathambo emailed me, I was breathless.

And I know all you haters will be here claiming that I got the email simply because it was a broadcast press release and they were prolly Cc’ing any website, entertainment blogs and writers they could think of. You might actually even claim that I was just Bcc’d. Well, i couldn’t careless, my Gmail notification was pretty clear – “new email from Spoek Mathambo”

Now to my imaginary haters, go hung! Momma, I made it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 

But why would one and only Spoek email me, Holly – just a mere storyteller from Kenya, exploring the dusty villages of Africa in search of infectious tunes to share with the children of the Motherland? Well, maybe he had some stories to share with us? Maybe he was spearheading a new age Sarafina and needed the rest of the motherland to chip in? Or maybe he, just like any sane African man, was hollaring at a brother to hook him up with one of them bomb ass East African girls that Drizzy Drake, GBO and IBN Cash been talking about! Nobody can resist the power of a nice round ass. East African girls fly that ass higher bruh. And no, this time we are talking about Lupita.😅😅😅

Anyway, one thing is for sure, when Spoek Mathambo hollas, you shut up, sit straight and listen. That’s exactly what I did (not in the mentioned order though). 

For a moment, it looked like Hip Hop was clouding the SA music scene. Actually, if you are an outsider, you can get the impression that Hip hop is the biggest genre in SA. That’s a lie. Not when Spoek is around. Spoek is always in love with the African drums, melodies and culture – all that he intertwines to create a beautiful House music. Currently, he has re-invented it, giving birth to yet another awesome fusion of tribal and electronic beats evidently present on Batuk‘s debut EP, Daniel. Who is Batuk? We were going goo goo gaga about Spoek, so who is Batuk?

bWell, Spoek Mathambo has created a collective of some of the finest talent around; consisting of Aero Manyelo who is a kasi electro heavyweight and prolific artist/vocalist Manteiga, not forgeting the godfather of afro electronica himself. As a collective, they have just released a debut EP, Daniel. 

Two original tracks off it, Daniel – the album title track and Reya Congo, offer a hypnotic take on tribal house, and feature the vocal talents of frequent collaborator Nandi Ndlovu. Next to the 2 original tracks, are remixes from an international cast of club luminaries including German luso music aficionado Daniel Haaksman, Angolan afrohouse duo Homeboyz Music, and Mozambican best kept secret producer/DJ Freddy Da Stupid.

Accompanying the EP is the visuals to Daniel and my oh my. I love Africa!! Shot on location in Mozambique, the video captures the life of Africans at their best; living life carefree, dancing like nobody is watching and minding their own business…. and cows. 😊😊😊 I can already see the characters some of y’all would take if you were to be on the video. We will not ridicule, which one would you be?

Click to listen/download EP

Batuk : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 


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