AAA Delivery: Sunday Morning – Brian Simba N GeorgexGavin [Tanzania]


So while I was sampling GBO’s East African Girl and realized that it was cased from ibn Cash record – Charusha, it occured to me that I hadn’t spied on the guys at IBD. I like keeping tabs on good fellas but more than anything, I ensure to check up on guys I consider family. Family to me is far from blood, it’s people who enthusiastically create, explore and share beautiful pieces of art, passionately. If passion is not involved, swerve it to the left son, we only write rights. You see, IBD is this creative collective of vibrant youngins that are constantly putting veterans to shame, burying the stagnating careers of several dinosaurs old heads. 

As if ibn CASH dubbed Jayematic aka Joseph Kiwango alias Mr. So Many AKAs was not enough problem already, IBD has once again brought to our attention, two cats; Brian Simba and George Gavin (styled GeorgexGavin – alter egos?)

I was listening to their Sound Cloud streams all weekend and boy do they rap! Here is what I love most; interllect. I don’t care which idiot is out there begging you to dumb down your already nursery rhymes so as to get paid, give me some bars to think about 3 hours and 47 seconds later. And that is all you get from Brian Simba. With lines like “A salaam alaikum to the life of young Dar es Salaam kid living the fast life, like everyday is Ramadhan”, who wouldn’t envy Simba? Better yet, who wouldn’t pay attention? 

With the talented duo of Brakxxx (what’s with the exes fam?) and Domi Beats handling most of their productions, good music has finally found a home. Can we be honest and just clearly state that this is what Pah One aspired to do (and failed miserably) back when Navi Kenzo was just a dream inside Nahreel’s brains? What Camp Mulla started and left half way. Shit, this is what Cr3w Teflon and the whole TSU should be doing. We say Asante fellas. Moving on, Simba has an EP – Masaki Theory – which he is yet doing some practicals on, before we can know what the theory is all about. Off it, he has debuted a few snippets, one of which is this Sunday Morning interlude which has been voiced by GeorgexGavin. And what do they say on Sundays? Ameeeen. 

IBD have reallly amazing video concepts. That street art. Are the rest of Africa and EA in particular paying any attention? If I were you, Mr. ‘Don’t call me an Up and Coming rapper’, I would be camping on IBDs’ emails, inboxes and DMs, instead of living in the dumb socialites’ DM expecting some worn out puss. Just saying man, don’t sue me Plutinumz, I know Kanye paved the way 😊😊😊

A great video concepts breathes life back to a track that had been massacred with nothing but sharp bars. Ladies and gentlemen, light a J and chill, you are about to be in the presence of Royalty. The kings are ready to address their subjects. Courtesy of Imma Big Deal, here is Sunday Morning, straight from Masaki!


Brian Simba : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud  

GeorgexGavin : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


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