AAA Delivery: Tehn x Tagz – Give Thanks [Zimbabwe]


Give thanks. For the love. For your life. Thank the Most High. That kids, is the gospel today. 

But who declared that we should give thanks?

I was getting there, what happened to the virtue of patience, son? Anyway, you’ve never really appreciated patience as a fineness unless you’re waiting for The Perfect Tehn….or The Morning Glory. 😒😒😒

We all know The diamond, right? Yes, he from Zimbabwe. You’re without an excuse of not knowing The Diamond, Africa. We have been talking about him for a while, aye? Now that we are on the same page, diamond-wise (sorry Botswana), let’s see where Holly is heading with this. Tehn is not only an artist/musician, Tehn is a brand. And for that, I always admire his moves. The constant rediscovery and evolutions – renaissance. Right now, he has been concentrating more and more on African-infused elements on his music; fashion, singles, website contents. I personally love it as it is really rich, culturally. Come on man, I know what you’re thinking – that we can’t use Rich and Africa in the same conversation, right? I just did! Africa IS Rich in talent. 

And it is such kinds of richness that makes us celebrate February with so much zeal, after anticipating it’s arrival for a good 52 weeks of January! Come to think of it, how about January just moving out and starting a life of it’s own, like being a separate Year all together? Matter of fact, that month is longer than the other 11 months combined. Even on a leap year. I heard brothers who normally wait for the customary 90 days with the ladies, got it after just one week during January. That just shows you how long this monster of a month is. And for that, we give thanks to February, we dearly missed you, you yummy sweet thing (hope you left the 14th day behind though, yours faithfully – bank account 😊😊😊). So. what better way to usher in Feb than a new single from Tehn? As in, it’s The BhoTsano King himself, the one and only leader of SOTG.  As if that’s not awesomeness enough, guess who is tagged along? Pardon the pun…

A quick recap, the other times Tehn and Tagz united in the booth, we had a reason to be Forever Here as well as a Sweet Life which went ahead to show that Tehn got now plus next. Fast forward to 2016 and they gave us Bhotsano to nourish our starved January.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Kings and Queens, Elders and Children of the Motherland, they have given us another one. (This is the only time that DJ Khaleed’s voice has been relevant in life). It’s time to Give Thanks! Few things; whoever does Tehn’s lyric videos deserves a payrise – one, they are just all shades of amazement. Two, because it’s February and they ought to treat their better (or bitter) halves and three, for no apparent reason. They are the reason why Simudza Gumbo has no actual video but we are not even complaining. Next, when a song starts with Tagz silky vocals, we all gather to say our last players to the Replay button as it is about to get violated to death. We are sorry in advance. Lastly, Tehn has never been mediocre on delivery. That, we have to give to the King. With all the above highlighted, now you are well equiped to enjoy a nice delicacy of sweet music. Just remember to give thanks when done violating that replay button.

Random musings, how would that jam be if Owuor Arunga played some Sax on it? Hmmm. 

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