AAA Delivery: AWKWORD – I Am [WorldWide]

i am

There is strength is unity, that much is clear. But who will pull the strings, that bit’s unclear. Africa shows love to all that’s dear, we fight the art of war, Summon Sun Tzu near. Today lads, we are witnessing the birth of unity, resulting from years of labour pains. Who said men can’t deliver?

We’ve been talking with  AWKWORD, the global Hip Hop ambassador, rap artist and #HipHopEd representative for a second. I guess we got introduced to him through MCskills ThaPreacha. All hail The Preacha. Awkword told us about this project sometimes late in January and judging by the line up (yes! it’s absolutely right to judge a song by the line up of mcees) we already pictured a classic. Come on man, when Str8tButter’s Teck Zillah is involved, what do you expect?


In order to understand in indepth just what Awkword is all about, we will have to invite him over for an interview. He has been able to liaise with some of the greatest to do it, all around the world, creating impressive projects while at it. These are not your ordinary rappers. Heck, they are not even rappers; they are MCs. They are scholars of Hip Hop. Teachers of the culture. Here is just a snippet of what we are tallking about;


Maka, who is constantly positioning herself as our favorite vocalist (who dare hates such enchanting, soulful vocals?) sums up the whole song with these lines;

Everything you gave me
Made me, who I am
The good, the bad, the ugly
Somehow, I found, the way


Nigeria’s greatest, the legendary Mode9 starts us off with a verse that I can quote in whole if we are looking for that killer bar. So we’ll just make it simple and highlight the state of the industry with this;

They want a song about a silly dance, a monster hit
I ain’t got that, but I got bars to make you back flip


The captain himself. Mr. Awkword steps right in, mincing no words while significantly stating that we need to think broader if we are to fight the system. Not for picking sides but Awk’s flow is amazeballs. The gem is found in this;

We can march a million miles, make sense but no change
While bastards build a billion bars to break us with the cage


One of the mcees that I’ll dig out on immediately after this is Five Steez. The Kingston Jamaiza native has away of baring his soul out in a 16. Makes one wanna know more about him. Yes you spoke to us King! Sample this;

I do my art from the heart, hope it reach you
I’m fulfilled cause my songs spoke to people 


Whenever the Holstar is mentioned, only one word pops up – Respect. I never get to wrap my head around how this Zambian brother manages to handle the industry business yet still maintain to be true to the culture. Unmoved by the desire to trade places. If you know about Slum dunk records and the people they handle, you will get what I mean. Here is the truth;

I more than live it, I embody the culture
Trying to save Hip Hop’s carcass from these industry vultures


And here we were, thinking that Rapsody was enough problem already. Sigh, forgive us your highness, we are not worthy of all this royalness Queen. First listen and trust you will be scouting for more of Latasha Alcindor. As you can see;

And let ’em know the weight that they feel, we feel it too
The pressure in the rough, makes a shorty shine through


It was only last week when I was hitting up a freind from blantyre, asking how underated ThirdEye really is. But he assured me that brother is an OG, making worldwide moves. I can’t add more. 

My mama raised a soldier
Malawian born, but shooting global ’til it’s over


The first time I heard about Wakazi is when Awkword was giving me the line up of artists in this project and I was like, ooh, cool, more research to do fam. Frankly, I loath myself a little when someone has to ask me about a great MC and I happen not to have heard about them because that only means one thing, I’m a lazy asshole. I don’t wanna be either of that. But in his own words; 

No one heard me through the grapevine
They say the best never come with a warning, so it’s a great sign


Here is the best twist to this single, the back and forth phone conversation between The Assembly duo of Mel and Lebo. That was mad creative!! Which bit to quote? That’s like asking what is dumb about Trump – everything!! Anyway;

Can’t afford to be paying mad dough
Bribing traffic officers for silly shit, I’m that broke
You’re only leaving if you flash the purple paper, can’t escape ’em

Ay, and how we chase it and waste it at the same pace
Lays the basis for where the fates place us
But still we share space with the same races
That we say disgrace us, though we wear the same skin
Cause family is more than just next of kin.

And that kids, sums up the backbone of this whole movement; family is more than just next of kin. Yup; Somehow, we found, a way!

j-hartShout out to to Dj J Hart for the mad skills. Don’t we all want to see the visuals to this? Please make sure you purchase this single to necesitate the production of it’s video. 


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