AAA Delivery : Shukid – Ungenipenda [Kenya]


There comes a time in a man’s life when one meets, say by chance or aligning of the stars, a fellow being who turns your worst into best, your weakness into strength. And nothing else makes sense thereafter; being on the road with your homies, watching Man United lose. Not even keeping tabs with all the trending hashtags or who/what is the in-thing.

You even lose track of how things used to be before they came into your life. The only things that matter henceforth are days; Valentine’s Day, Birthdays (which transition into ‘Birth Months’ – should they happen to be Light skins) and most importantly, safe days – if Durex is not your friend that is. Ooh, how sweet life becomes. You can finally take and upload 3000 pics on Social Media as you Snapchat your whole day and night for all and sundry. Your niggas will withdraw, of course. Someone has taken all your attention and they hate to admit it, but they miss your company, not you.

Niggas never miss you; they just miss the stupid chit chats, random musings and time we wasted together, kidding ourselves of how immortal we are. Until one of us passes on and we are jerked back to the realization that nothing lasts forever and so we start ‘becoming’ serious with life. 

A Gangsta finally becomes a Gentleman. From smoking a J with his boys to Carrying Picnic bags. From Drinking at the locals to holding a wine glass for his lady. From skating in the streets to walking a puppy in the park. Selfies become your shield and defender. Eventually, everybody now knows that you are ‘officially’ taken – dating and happy, obviously. Ultimately, you start receiving random ‘Hi, you’ve been quiet’ texts from the ones you chased without success. Funny how everyone wants to be with somebody who is with someone… You become peoples “Relationship Goals.”

But few are the lots that understand what really goes into a relationship. The lies and deceptions. The disagreements to agree. The love and hate. Break ups and make ups. You start questioning the magic of nature, if truly mistakes do happen and your stars just crossed accidentally. You want to kidnap and kill that bastard Cupid. 

These are what King Shukid explores in his latest release – Ungenipenda – from his Too Much To Offer ep. The single employs Orchestra Marquis Original’s classic – Karubandika – on the hook sample. This is Shukid’s own John Dillinger moment, just that unlike Pamela Sue, his lady is in Yellow! The king has masterfully remade an oldies love song, making it cool for the urban folks. This is for those who are rowing their love boats against the waves of relationships. 



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