All Around Africa : Phlow [Nigeria]


Wow! where do we start this from? Okay, let me try and create this picture in your mind. The same that I have in my eyes. You have been searching for your lost treasure (Purple Hibiscus for me, can be Jollof for some) in the house for a whole day without success. Finally, you give up and sit down to have a rest and relax your body. Then  out of nowhere, as you ease your nerves, you miraculously spot it. Right at the comfort of your chilling place!! Can you imagine the joy? Now, that basically sums up my feeling when I came across this Naija sister. And no, it was not through Afrosinema….

Everybody from Zamfara to Nasarawa probably loves my hate for naija movies or vise versa. Yet still, they will love to hate me more for the love I have for one of their own. They will loath how I dot this daughter from the Land of Igwe. Frankly, I wish we could trade Victoria Kimani for Phlow. Is that too much to ask for? For the sake of world peace? 

First encounter was through her guest verse on Fecko and Zilla’s collaborative project, ART. She featured on a single – Female King – and a first listen left us wondering where she had been all this time. Then it hit us that Teck was to blame. For hiding all these awesomeness, probably in some underground studio somewhere in Lagos. See why we don’t see eye to eye with Teck Zilla? He has a way of keeping all the grand music to himself, rarely teasing snippets to the rest of us mere mortals, man. How can we ever get along really? But we thank the gods, both the old and the new, for Zilla. The Str8 Buttah frontman has an ear for real talent and even a greater sight for finesse. Through his guidance and working relationships, we have seen some of the best pieces of art to ever grace the dusty soils of Africa and beyond. 

So by the time ART was reviewed and posted, we were already putting our Twitter Fingas to great use, scouring the webinets for pieces of Phlow. Anything we could get our fingers on. In the pursuit of evidence to justify our insatiable thirst for anything Phlowy, we bumped on her reputation. What a King! 

Something sexy about a lady spitting means bars. I mean, if she can be that mean with words, if her tongue can roll and spit words like that, just imagine … never mind. We were talking about music, Oga. Maintain. Before you come (no pun intended, I honestly swear) at me with emotions boiling like lava, asking why I keep planting evil ideas in your heads, please remember even my pastor has a hard time believing my real name is Holly.

There are seemingly few MCs and rappers stemming up from the fairer gender – our sisters. Plenty of lady singers and talented vocalists (Maka comes to mind) yes, but when the conversation drifts to Bars, not enough can be mentioned. That in itself is reason enough why we ought to nurture, support and celebrate the ones who step up to the challenge. Because if not us, who will? charity starts at home, they say.   

As usual, we are perpetually on next. Phlow is just about to debut her Ep aptly titled Mind, Body….and Phlow! What else did you expect? Since we preach this ‘research, discover and support’ gospel, repeatedly encouraging all and sundry to appreciate greatness before the media hypes them, allow us to introduce you to the marvel that is Phlow. 

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