AAA Submissions : DaBoomsha [Nigeria]

IMG-20150408-WA0004We set out to tell rhythmic tales of the sounds coming out of the Motherland. Tales of artistry. Tales that are better told with feet thumping and heads bopping. Tales told with wastes shaking and gyrating. Not Twerking, Africans have manners, we are well nurtured. Tales of music. And in this sojourn, we have encountered so many brothers aznd sisters. All united in a family of music lovers… and makers. Creators of the art.

This is the vagrancy has lead to a growth in our family. We now get emails of artists submitting their own music to us! Not that we never used to get mails; we always got mails – mails of rich Namibian girls whose parents left millions in a USA bank need us to send them a few dollars so tthat they can access the loot and share with us. You gotta love the internet. But when the email subjects switched to Music, we had to sit back and listen – as the good children of Africa. Yielding into this growing demand, we have created a new segment – AAA Submissions.

So starting us off, is DaBoomsha, from Nigeria. Stories have been told about Naija. Sories that I don’t want to delve into. Let’s just get into the music fam.

The brother has been prepping for the release of his Mixtape – Rebel Muzik, Vol. 2 – thereby sharing a few new music with us. We have not yet been priviledged to listen to the first volume of his mixtape series so our biasness is solely based on the two singles he has sent through. The boy raps! After receiving his email, we did a short search and found a cypher he had featured in awhile back, going by the name Rapsodee and he was not playing with the bars. The first single he shared with us featured So Good Music’s Tony Grammz. The gospel brother. 

DaBoomsha - Hold Your Head Artwork“Hold Your Head” features a cameo appearance by Zambian Rapper, Tony Grammz and was mixed and mastered by Illwill (South Africa)

The second single we heard was Insomnia and from such a hardworking artist, you can bet he truly has sleepless nights. 

Insomnia Cover ArtAs anticipation rises towards the release of The Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape,DaBoomsha whets our appetite with another tasty slice off the project. This song titlled “Insomnia” features HipHop Heavyweight,Gamie with additional cameo appearances by Debbie and Iyke. Insomnia is a delightful fusion of HipHop,Neo-Soul and Jazz delivered with heartfelt emotions that pull at your heartstrings and make it highly addictive.

For the love of beautiful ART and great artistry, we can as well have this impressive poetic piece to wrap it up.

We are ready for that Rebel Muzik 2!! 

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