AAA Delivery: MLMC – Five Steez [ Jamaica ]

Five Steez #3 (Shot By Yannick Reid)Let me tell y’all a story, hehee. I know man, I’ve been telling so many stories y’all are almost muting me. But who are we kidding if nobody is playing? Plus, nobody mutes Holly, the best story teller 😅😅😅 Anyway, I’m high today….on music. It will be explained. Please be warned that the flight we are about to take is headed to Kingston, so check underneath your seats for a gasmask, it will be of much help more so to those of us who are down to earth – the few who respect gravity and rarely get high. I will be your able captain, Ras Holly, the Most High.

That is how I’ve always imagined a Jamaican Captain addressing passengers on board a plane that is about to take off 😅😅😅😅😅😅. How I wish to fly Air Jamaica soon.

We were on twitter just the other day – Third Eye, Steez and I – having a very serious discussion and exchanging ideas. Tangible ideas that could result to world peace, given a chance. We talked at length, about getting some Hemp flown over to the motherland, straight from Kingston. Ooh what a constructive conversation it was. Who said grown men can’t talk serious matters? Funny thing is, that was the very first time we were engaging with Five Steez. A result of an honest feedback about his contributing verse on Awkword’s I Am, a single that featured Third Eye, beguilingly. I liked that brother straight up from that song and thanks to the gods of the internets, we soon started talking and realized that we actually shared a lot in common. Like the love for maryjane.

Promising to check out more of his art, we ended the conversation for the day, only for Holly to fail to honor his word. I’ve always suspected that guy to be a liar. Constantly using ‘tight schedules’ as an excuse. But Steez kept his end of the bargain and a week later, he linked us with a new single to whet our appettite as we await his Momentum 3 tape. You should now realize that there is not only a Momentum 1 but 2 as well. Are we together class? Good, let’s proceed. 

Why again am I telling y’all a story?


Because Five Steez just gave us a story of his life, beautifully woven in art, in form of a song! Five has a way of capturing ones’ imaginations through his storytelling ability. Within 3 minutes and 45 seconds, you feel like you have known Steez all his life. Matter of fact, I can picture a young Steez leaving for school in the morning, his parents warning him not to simmer down at the corner shop, where all the bad boys puff and pass. He then ventures into the Kingston streets, hop-stepping and jumping as he maneuvers his way through the street. In another screen, I’m witnessing a grown Steez walking out on his employer who questions his absence from work the previous evening – the evening he had sneaked out to record a verse at the nearby garage studio (probably owned by Bravo’s Pops).

By the way, I like Bravo already, that brother is not playing with his production.

Aptly titled My Life My Craft, Five Steez shares vivid narrations of his journey in life through music. The story of a dreamer chasing his, despite numerous huddles, challenges and setbacks. “I tried different things but none of them felt right” – story of my life right there. This single speaks to me on the highest level (pardon the pun). On another verse, he boldly declares that “I got fans from Alaska to Australia, the fruits of hard labor” and I’m here shouting preaaaaach brother! The power of words, and art. One more thing though, you forgot to include Africa brother. As in, “I’ve got fans from Alaska, Africa to Australia” – that’s triple A!! See what I did there?

Word on the streets is that we are getting 2 Eps alongside Momentum 3 all in the course of the year! Ooh King Steez, what did us doeth to deserveth all these, your majesty? We are not worthy! 

And if you’ve been wondering who Five Steez is, here we go. Five Steez began capturing attention in 2010 with his ‘Momentum’ mixtape series alongside DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including iTunes. In 2014, Five Steez followed up with the EP, ‘These Kingston Times’ – listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international Hip Hop releases.

  I may not be perfect, but I deserve this. Coz I believe all my hard work is worth it – Five Steez

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