AAA Submissions : Sharky [Zimbabwe]

Sharky Publicity Pic-2

This is a release we recieved a while back and slept on, sadly. We are honest like that. Truth is, we’ve been looking for all dimensions, angles and points to write an article about it without any success. You know one of those acts that you come across and they are overwhelmingly unique, leaving you guessing what to talk about? Sharky is one of them. His music approach is defiantly out of the box. take for example the arrangement on his latest single, Soko Matemai (which he has to tell us the meaning by the way); I can’t even tell where the hook is, the bridge or even where the verses begin. Leave alone the fact that it’s mostly done in Shona, the beauty of music is in the inability to decode the language.

Over the course of last year, Sharky was dropping two tracks in one go under the banner “Midzimu Yapa Kaviri” which is Shona for “The ancestors have given twice”. He managed to do 2 editions, and to kick off the year 2016 he dropped the 3rd edition dubbed #MYK3. In this one, he put out his first ever music video for “Soko Matemai”, a song which basically introduces you to the 22 year old hip-hop artist from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. The video was shot by Chris Shoca and it can be viewed on

The other half of #MYK3 is a single called Killin’ which was produced by DJ Krimz Beatz. This is a track where he explains why he is still doing the music even though he has a day job, and how some people have asked him why he still does it, and it’s because he is trying to make a killing/fortune.

This one is available for free streaming/download on SoundCloud. The single was premiered live on TransAfrica Radio on 05/02/2016, the same day that the Soko Matemai video went online. Sharky is currently working on his debut studio album set to drop at a date that is yet to be announced. Mmh, quite a hard working brother. That, we admire. 

Twitter:Sharky | DJ KrimzBeatz | Chris Shoca | Facebook


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