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I might just learn pidgin and roll with it. I mean, over 5 Nigeria features in less than a month! Don’t be surprised next time you click the link to this site and get welcomed with a Nollywood movie voiceovers in the background, as “Afrosinema continues shortly” scribbles on the screen. Actually, we should as well start eating Jollof rice and don agbadas. Where am I heading with this?

When Awkword hits you up about a release, you have only one job – pay attention. I mean, this is the brother that scouts and works with best of the best MCs! And so it came to pass that he hit us a day ago about this new release from a Nigerian brother, stuck all the way in Detroit. Why do we get stuckk in foreign lands again? Unless it’s Jamaica, please bring me back home. 

Chisom (Chisom Uzosike) is a 23-year old producer, rapper and creative director. Wah! How many caps can one man wear? I guess our Kings never specified this, right? Anyway, the Detroit-born-Maryland-raised MC is the eldest son of Nigerian immigrants, and the first in his family born in America. While his father exposed him to music from all corners of Africa in the house, young Chisom discovered Hip Hop in elementary school, where his classmates introduced him to Baltimore’s local Hip Hop/R&B station. Talk about a typical African child, always doing opposite of what we are instructed to. Smh.
But guess what, this stubborness worked to his favour as he began producing Hip Hop music at 17, inspired by stars like DJ Premier, The Neptunes and Kanye West. I sincerely hope that is the sole thing you look up to Kanye for – Music. So the love for music of all genres, a keen ear for samples and his Nigerian roots are what resulted in his striking, eclectic style that quickly developed. We are talking about a brother whose work has been praised by music critics and featured on Sway in the Morning, DJBoothThe Fader, and more. Gifted with a smooth flow and deep, resonant voice, Chisom combines slick wordplay with real-life themes and vibrant production. His cultural/musical influences shine through every song: the verbal dexterity and swagger of the East Coast, the entrancing rhythms of Afrobeat, and the ultra cool, laid-back attitude of the West Coast. I like this cat. agm
In November of 2015, Chisom began recording The Jordan Year, his debut as a recording artist. This 8-track EP — released February 10, 2016, on his 23rd birthday — showcases his rhythmic flow, witty lyricism and vivid imagination. Written and recorded in his birth city of Detroit, The Jordan Year is a celebration of artistic rebirth, and life as a 20-something. It’s lively, introspective and infectious all at once. I guess it’s going to be nothing but 3 pointers for him. Even as I type this, I’m still listening to the whole EP but I gotta tell you this, his video for “This One Chick” has already lured me over. Not to their house (which I wouldn’t mind at all, the shawties are as hot as Gwagwalada), but to his music. One thing that immediately draws you to Chisom is how he cuts and uses samples in his music. Classic! You can never go wrong with a co-sign from Awkword.
One would wonder, why is AAA telling us about an artist they have not even listened to their full project? Because he is fire bruh! What else do you need to get in the mix? People need more, they will claim. So more we will offer. Chisom just decided to share another song off the Ep, Africa Get Money, as a single release. In the single, he states that everybody knows Nigerians get THE money. Say no more, we know that an average Ibo man can smell money which is 100 meters away. On another note, can we be best friends? I like guys with money, simple human weakness.
Truth be told, it’s about time that Africa really got money. If truly there is sunshine after darkness, the time is nigh. We’ve been poor for a minute.

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