AAA EP : #MasakiTheory – Brian Simba [Tanzania]


Google played tricks on me, once again. And for close to a month, I couldn’t decipher where Masaki was, other than the one in Japan. Right when I was about to ask my Tanzanian brother, Azma who was staying with me then, I finally found out! The suburb situated in Kinondoni District, found in the northern part of Mzizima, or Dar for those who like. This history class is very important as it will enable you decode a single of the same title in the EP, as well as emphasise the ideation of this project: Masaki Theory 

Brian Simba is an act we got introduced to earlier this year through his debut, Sunday Morning – a George Garvin narration that was cleverly and artistically visualized by IBD – which is also part of this mixtape. Henceforth, we have been waiting for the release and as the good book says; blessed as those who wait, for I don’t actually remember what they were promised. But patience indeed does pay. It’s time tule mbivu. 

Spoiler alert. 5 of the singles in this tape were already out on his SoundCloud by the beginning of the year. A way of whetting our taste buds? We are not complaining, not just yet. The new songs, Tungi, Kasseti, Masaki, Monday interlude and the Memo/Mbezi outro however makes this listen as fresh as morning dew settling upon lawns in Msasani. Go figure. I don’t have much to jaw about Tungi but listening to How reminds me why I fell in love with Simba’s music in the first place. That deliberate laidback confidence flow murred with cocky punchlines. I love that shit. I smokes to that shit. TUFR and How were released 5 and 7 months respectively while Sessions 01 clocks a year on Soundcloud, just goes to show how good music lasts. 

Kasseti is my all favorite as AVID rose to the occasion and Brian, well Brian does what he does best – never dissapointing. Who gets 25 versions of their features within a week? Brian. Who gets 25 features? Brian. Who kills tracks 25 times? Brian. Now tell me, why can’t a lot of niggas think they know you Brian? The effortless mix of English/Swahili in this single makes it an ear candy.

I will not dare affirm my sentiments on Masaki as negativity is never our cup of Konyagi. Just know, that Versace flow is so 2010 kaka. For a title track, you highly let down Masaki, and that we are tempted not to forgive you. But hey, we are already impressed by these bars, no stress since there’s plenty more. 

Most impressive bit is how Brian is able to vividly tell a story as seen in Memo/Mbezi. Frankly, if not for that Outro, I’d still be punching letters on Google, trying to configure where on the damn earth Masaki is. For a brother who declares College aint shit, you have a damn too much Eglish mastery sir. Plus hey come on, our Tanzanian brothers are not best versed on the Queens language. That aside, the Swahili bars are the icing on the Masaki Theory.

In respect to my baby Momma (who is Tannzanian), we will end this on her favorite languaege, as received from Simba.

Mfahamu Brian Simba, mwanamuziki mpya, wa kizazi kipya, Tanzania. Amekua akitengeneza muziki wake kwa muda, hivi sasa anawajia na orodha mpya ya nyimbo kumi​​ iitwayo Masaki Theory.
Pakua nyimbo zake zilizopo kwenye hii barua pepe, au fungua tovuti zifuatazo:


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