AAA Delivery: #Kwaheri – Accurate [Kenya]


This is that tune you pop a chupa of Konyagi to. 

I’ve always been a fan of the Cr3w since their ‘Ruthless’ single days, witnessing it all to The Switch Up. All the while, I’ve never demurred their lyrical prowess and delivery more so Timmy and Ben Vic’s – we rarely hear Biior’s music except his stellar delivery on Star. Rightly speaking, Star is my every morning wake up jam. The illumination in that song has always pulled me through the days, even moments when the Sun’s rays forgot to pass by my bedroom window. 

Lately, they have been putting out more singles either individually or collaboratively and no matter who is riding the track, one thing remains constant; greatness. CT are arguably one of the more advanced artists to take this African Hip Hop to a new level. And we are not talking about that whole Who Is King BS here. So Alando, alias Accurate released his solo EP roughly 4 months ago and I know this is nothing to brag about but I’ve drunk uncountable whiskies to that shit. With gems such as Yajayo, Mchezo Weka Kando, To The Good Life & Kwaheri, even Ryan Adams would have popped a bottie to that. Hell, even Steve Albini would have visited the liquor store riding to it. Who wouldn’t?  It’s that self realization, self evaluation type of music. Sadly, we never got to review the whole tape. Another time maybe?

BV has already released 2 visuals for singles in the Ep and while I will not say much about Mbegu, it is Kwaheri that we wanna share. A swahili word meaning Good Bye, Kwaheri easily stands out as the epitome of potency in the whole EP. Something alluring about a prayerfully realistic song. Come on, even drunks like us do believe in the Most High. I like when BV switches from Swahili to English. It’s hard finding a rapper (in Kenya) who is fluent in both languages and delivers while at it (Hello Shukid).

Paapi really outdid himself in the productions here while Aress’ mixing and mastering is as usual imposing. The guys who scripted the video must have been smiling at themselves while doing so. How else do you explain the simplicity exhibited and stupefying end result? Kenyan music is certainly sailing on the right wavelength. If language was ever a barrier, then trust Accurate has toned it down, even translated most of it to Swa for the majority to not only hear but understand the message in his music. So right before I say Kwaheri, how about we support more of such?    


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