AAA Delivery: #Nakuahidi – Gilad & Dela [Kenya]


I’m sitting here watching the Orange sun set over the Manga hills; a guard of mursik laying carelessly on the ground nearby, a spill off of it on the soil, as if a libation to the long gone ancestors who walked, tilled and cultivated the land. Nostalgia hits home. And when nostalgia hits, unlike music, you feel the pain. Real pain. Not the kind you feel knowing billions of Eurobond money disappeared into the thin air. This is a far much greater pain. The pain of finding last evenings’ leftover delicacy has gone bad in the fridge because, well, Kenya Power couldn’t just wait to do what they are best known for – blackouts! This kind of pain is only second to that of rushing home after work to savour that bit of chicken and matoke you had cleverly stashed, only to find your roommate has devoured it. And like the great Jeff Koinange would say, WHAT A PAIN! (he speaks in capital letters 😊😊😊). 

This is the pain of reminiscing over a long gone lover. 

When I first heard this song, I had mixed feelings (sorry Dela, I didn’t catch any though). Not certain whether I longed for a reunion or if all I wanted was a glass of Konyagi to drain my sorrows who have perfected the act of swimming. Either way, I had all this initially concealed emotions come out of nowhere, all over a sudden! That is what happens when Gilad and Dela decides to tear you up. The somberness engulfing the whole song starts right at the first guitar pluck. Hey Tim Baraka, why do you do us like this, man? The mood is set pronto and I’m not saying you will surely need any, but it’s advisable to get a pack of tissues nearby. You might actually require bunch.

Gilad doesn’t even make matters any better. The astonishing vocal controls only fuel the emotional fires already fanned by the choice of lyrics, which are partly Tim Baraka’s deeds, again. By the time Dela’s imposing vocals eases into the track, embracing Gilad’s, my friend was on his third tissue. All attempts at looking macho gone out the window. I didn’t judge. Would you? Never judge a man for crying, we have bottled gazillions of tears in our souls bro. Plus, we have feelings too, you know? 

When the reggae vibe surfaces at the beginning of Dela’s verse, our knees were too weak to even jam along. All we could afford was to shake our heads up and down to the rhythm. As one radio presenter said on hearing the song, a Dela and Gilad should never happen. Too much talent on one song. We were never ready. 


I actually picture the two, no, three. Okay four artists (Gilad, Dela, Tim & MG) in the studio like:

Hey Delz, when was the last time Kenyans cried?

Ooh Gilad, Kenyans cry all the time – whether fuel prices rise or drop.

LOL. No seriously, I mean when was the last time Kenyans cried while listening to a song?

Ooh that? I can’t remember, but I once shed a tear after listening Mbona, you know the song? 

Yes I do, that was a while back. How about we do it again?

Do what, Mbona? 

No. Make them cry again! 

Kenyans have a hard heart to touch though. Hey Tim and MG, do y’all think we can do it?


The tissues fam, remember the tissues….

This song will be performed live for the first time on 2nd April 2016 at the Waterfront Gardens, Nairobi Racecourse in an event poised to be the biggest live concert this year. You can get your tickets and further information here. 

For those who will be attending, here is a bonus too. A newly released video from Gilad directed by Mushking. An MG production. 

Gilad: Facebook | TwitterInstagram 

Dela: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


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