AAA Delivery: #Tyoki – VengeMuzik [Zimbabwe]


Success is for all who are bold like a lion with an eagles’ vision and focus. Bit for those who light a J, you deserve it all. That’s just my thinking but hey, nothing never worked any better unless a J is involved. Shout out to the one and only MaryJane, we out here paying homage. So I’m just here thinking of the weekend that was, the unruliness that went in to it and all the lost souls we found during meditations and guess what, it wasn’t that bad after all. And here we are, alive and thankful to the most high, for guiding us through when we were most high.

Took a sabbatical leave to focus on revamping the site but it seems it will take longer than I thought, yet the stubborn children of Africa won’t just relent with the amazing music. So here we are, again. A mention from one Venge and we are back to scribbling. Ooh what a powerful tool music is. Always getting mortals up in their feelings. Since we are not back up parse, we will keep this short. VENGE is a Zimbabwean artist (hopefully) who smokes some good kush that in return results into some really dope music (or muzik as he styles it). I don’t know the correlations between the two, I just know how to appreciate the bomb music bruh. And right now, Venge is the dealer.

The graphics are hella cool too. Are our eyes too open? You tell us…

@VENGEmuzik | Facebook 


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