AAA Delivery: #KaribuNyumbani – Gilad [Kenya]


A story is told of a Diplomat who moved around the world in is childhood days due to his father’s nature of work. As adulthood encroached, he continued moving from place to place, interacting with different people from all walks of life – this time, as a result of his own job requirements.Be it Itali’s Gondola ride in Venice, the towering Mount Ararat in Turkey, breathing the same oxygen as Beethoven in Germany, the Tate Modern on the bank of Thames or the purple flowers at New York’s Central Park. None of that could endure him enough to live longer. 

Not even the sacredness of Jerusalem could defy his benevolence for Africa.

And he came, saw and fell in love with Mother Africa, right from the unofficial Capital that is Nairobi.

Undeniably gifted vocally, Gilad has been regaling all and sundry with his emotive melodies, winning fans and followers with every single release. This is no different from his recent offering, Karibu Nyumbani – a song about embracing the African diversity and uniqueness.

“Walk past the church and you can hear the people praying, and if you listen closely you might learn from what they’re saying”

The homecoming story of Gilad is one filled with awe and consternation at every chapter of his life. A history so rich in admiration and wonderment that it’s fatiguing to comprehend. A tale of a man finding love in an unimaginably faraway land. Indeed, Africa is Motherland.

While others see a humble ‘Mzungu’ who mysteriously sings in Swahili, he sees friends, comrades and family in us. And what did Momma teach us to say to visitors? Karibu Nyumbani…..

“And if you come slowly, utapata marafiki wa kweli”. Welcome home Gilad

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