AAA Delivery: #FelaMustRise – Fecko x Teck Zilla [Nigeria]


Confessions: This article was meant to be out by 9 a.m. Nairobi time! However, I have spent the better part of morning (it’s noon over here, oga oooh) searching for the right picture to use. ALL – notice the capitals, respect the capitals – pictures that I could use apparently had Fecko posing with some beautiful sisters. Well, to be honest, I spent all the time just feeding my eyes. And I’m certain you too would (eye roll). Camaaan, who would dare pretend that some curvy African mami is hard to ogle at? i’m guilty. Ooh well, and honest too. 

So, my favorite (no Fecko, Ladugbomi was and still is my favorite) jam from the ART Ep has finally seen some visuals to accompany it. We praise God, and all the Juju men of Mushin who made this happen. Hehee. Holly plays too much! 

While reviewing the ART ep, Fela Must Rise came out as one of the strongest deliveries in the project. What with the factually bars and chanty hook, coupled with Zilla’s genius production skills? This was always going to be a great single. An Africa Rising kind of rally call. Being the strategist he is, Fecko went right ahead and gave the video the look and feel it deserved. Nothing pompous! Plus, guess who makes several appearances? The female King herself, Maka! 

Why was I not invited to this shoot again? Just to stand right next to Maka? I need a hug, a bear hug. I believe there is a higher chance of acquiring royalty just by standing somewhere next to Maka. I am never wrong. 

The video starts with aerial shots of the scene and god, we need more Hip Hop videos that do justice the beauty that is Nigeria. Legends: Who no know go know. I hope now you know. Originality trapped in eternity. The art in this video is more than the whole ART ep. But that is subject for debate and you can always share your opinions. We respect them. 

Fecko : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Teck Zilla : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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