AAA EP : #MomentumVol3 – Five Steez [Jamaica]


So Steez hit me up with his latest and it just occurred to me that we were to expect a great volume of workload from the King of Kingston. There is a whole history to the Momentum series that deserves a whole discussion independently. A story for another day. Anyway, I got this mail when I was in Tanzania and since it’s already five days past the release date, it’s only fair to share this gem with you all pronto! That interview is still in the pipeline and in due course, we will get to know more from arguably the greatest MC out of Jamaica.

Here is the release with link attached.

New York underground radio icon DJ Ready Cee and Kingston-based independent MC Five Steez have reunited for the final volume in their Momentum trilogy. The mixtape – free for streaming and download – features the duo showcasing turntable and microphone skills over classic Hip Hop instrumentals. 

Ranging from Big Daddy Kane’s Ain’t No Half Steppin’ to 50 Cent’s I Get Money, Five Steez easily tears through beats from Hip Hop’s most memorable songs released from 1988 to the early 2000s, offering never-heard-before verses, dubs (specials) and freestyles. As he raps, DJ Ready Cee seamlessly mixes and scratches in a manner that has become rare in a modern mixtape. 

Laced with drops from many personalities, it feels as if everyone from underground heavyweight Shabaam Sahdeeq to Canadian Hip Hop legend Michie Mee to Reggae lyricist Kabaka Pyramid stopped by to hear the release. While none of them share the mic with Steez, he features partners in rhyme, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama, Inztinkz, Massy the Creator and Dizzy the Ill One.
“I had scrapped the original plan of doing a third tape,” says Five Steez. “But, in 2015, Ready Cee convinced me and we decided we’d end the series with a bang.”

DJ Ready Cee, who released his debut album Order 66 in December and currently plays on, says, “I’ve always been known for my mixtapes and podcasts. So I’m happy to be finally wrapping up this trilogy.”

Momentum: Volume One was released in December 2010 and introduced Five Steez to Hip Hop listeners worldwide. Volume Two came in October 2011, but the series was abandoned as Five Steez released his 2012 debut album, War for Peace, then followed by 2014’s These Kingston Times. Just as the prior two mixtapes made way for Five Steez’ original music, Volume Three will be followed two EPs, one of which is being released this summer.


Five Steez: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud  | Instagram 

Dj Ready Cee: Facebook | Twitter | Website  | YouTube 


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