AAA Delivery: #Nipempako – The Holstar [Zambia]


Duncan is one of the few brothers I know that doesn’t need validation or a reason to be respected. The few who let their actions do the talking and command the deserved respect in the process. As one get’s older, you tend to align your sails to light and positiveness and if you happen to be at that point in life, then Holstar is that anchor. Nothing beats positivism and all round meaning well for your fellow humans. Many a times I wonder how he pulls this awesome through, continuously. Making music with a powerful message aimed at highlighting societal ills is a tall order in this day and age when everyone only wants to dub, whip and pillow talk when fatigue kicks in after a whole day of twerking. For that, we salute The Holstar’s new release – a song about coming together and supporting victims of HIV AIDS who are mostly children.   

The Holstar Presents the Second Single Off his forthcoming Album “Dreaming In High Definition” titled “Nipempako”. Nipempako means “I am asking for” in Nyanja – Asking for your help, your mentor-ship or your words of encouragement; That is the plea of 1.2 Million Orphaned Children all below the age of 15 that live in Zambia; 800,000 who are affected by HIV and AIDS.

The song is the story of a young man going through the motions as a result of being orphaned. Nipempako features Singer Jane Jonazi who provides the hook and is produced by Holstar’s very first producer Kati – reuniting after a 7 year long Hiatus. The album Dreaming In High Definition is now one more single away from release – The release date will be announced when the next single drops!

Extra Credit: Artwork By Chileshe ‘Kslayer” Tembo – Song Mastered By Zamba Anamela

Streaming and Download : SoundCloud | Audiomack | Hulkshare

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