AAA News: HGA To Break Half Year Silence With New Music [Malawi]


By Mpho Musowa

Blantyre based hip hop duo Home Grown African (Classick and Hayze Engolah) will release new music breaking a half year hiatus. Word from the HGA camp indicates the release could be soon however no actual dates have been given.

HGA has been silent since they released their Blantyre Blues Ep last year December. HGA manager Talumba Chirwa confirms “We will be coming out of our half year hiatus soon”.

” Was in studio with hyze on June 6 actually.  Working on something”

” Now we waiting for classick to arrive from Lilongwe so he can put his magic on it” explains TC

hgaIt is exciting news because Engolah has been awfully quite this year not putting out anything. Only Classick has stepped up to the mic with Anaconda and occasionally dropping verses on features for Sticky Stax and recently Gwamba. In an earlier unpublished interview around March, we asked Engolah why he was starving fans.

He explained “I am currently not recording music. but as soon as am back in the studio. you’ll feel me”

“Focused on different aspects of the industry”

” Let’s just say my head is somewhere else at the moment. not in the studio. my focus right now is to
get uss bankrolled for videos and other projects. Songs I can make any day” Engolah

That was then, this is now. 

TC could not be drawn to comment on the videos but hinted we shall be promptly notified when all is ready.

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