AAA Delivery: DaBoomsha – Jane Doe [Nigeria]

boomNigeria has truly talented MCs holding the Hip Hop torch for the continent and it’s always our humble pleasure to feature there work of art here on our platform. I mean, who wouldn’t? Worth recognizing are the new breed of MCs who, against all will and the lure of a lucrative Afrobeats career still choose to stick to their passion – Hip Hop. That deserves an honour, if not a 21 gun salute. 

An even worthier crop are the caliber of MCs who work tirelessly to ensure the music they put out contributes beyond the booth, towards voicing the ills in the Society. That in itself is a rarity in todays’ music scene. And why should I care about matters like girls kipnapped by outlaw gangs or the children sleeping not just hungry but in cold too, when I can easily duplicate an oldie Dancehall hit, give it a pidgin touch and viola! I’m th most wanted artist on the continent?  

I’m just trying to show you the challenges facing a hip hop artist against the will of choosing an easier way out and hitting the jackpot. Not everyone is motivated by the money and fame, at least not DaBoomsha. 

In this volatile period when people are massacring each other shamelessly because of minute matters like having a different religious affiliation and raping our dear women for nothing but the wicked thrill, we sure need someone to stand up for the society. As far as the black man is currently the most threatened species, we can’t afford to forget how much bile, heat and persecutions the African woman has continuously experienced and still keeps suffering from, thus #AllLivesMatter.

Concerning the record, the visibly talented MC had this to say;

“The video addresses the issue of domestic violence in Africa and seeks to draw the attention of the public to the fatal consequences that follow when it is not quickly addressed.”

This video is for our mothers, wives, daughters and those who love them! No woman should have to suffer violence and death in the hands of the one she runs to for love and protection. Its time to break the silence and stop the violence!

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